Hey Wood Ducks!

Are you interested in sports? Do you like to write? If you are interested in
either of these things, I have got something for you. My name is Joe Blustein; I
am the Sports Editor for The Century Times. In fall 2013, The Century Times will
be running low on sports writers.

Writing for the sports page is an awesome experience; you get to meet and
talk with some of the best Century College Wood Duck players and coaches; you
get to go to many Wood Duck sporting events, and if you’re lucky enough, you
could get insider Century sports news.

No previous newspaper experience is required. All are welcome at the Century

If you are interested, or are looking for more information on the Sports
Department of the Century Times, please e-mail Joe Blustein at: blus0001@
my.century.edu or e-mail the 2012-2013 newspaper advisor, Dana Bruhn at:
Thanks! We can’t wait to hear from you!