Saint Paul Saints mascot Mudonna is one of the many diversions that make this baseball team fun to watchby Joe Blustein

When people think of baseball in the Twin Cities area, they think of the Minnesota Twins. Sadly, they forget about the other Twin Cities area team: the St. Paul Saints.

This year is the twentieth anniversary of the Saints being in St. Paul. During this time, present and former major leaguers have come and gone, four championships have been won (1993, 1995, 1996, and 2004), and thousands of silly promotions have been performed and given out.

Since 1993, the year the Saints were founded, hundreds of players have gone through this team; however, only a few players have made it to the majors. Some of these players are Kevin Millar—who played first base for the Boston Red Sox, Florida Marlins, Baltimore Orioles, and Toronto Blue Jays; former New York Mets outfielder Darryl Strawberry; and former Minnesota Twins starting pitcher Jack Morris.

The home of the St. Paul Saints, Midway Stadium, has started and catapulted many players’ careers such as Millar’s. This stadium has been the team’s home since day one of the organization. Midway Stadium is an old fashioned piece of artwork. Some features of the ball park make it seem like it’s the ‘80s, but that is what makes the ballpark so majestic. For example, a majority of the seating is metal benches. Another example is the field. Most ball fields nowadays have heating components and water draining systems, but Midway Stadium has neither. So, if it rains at all, the field is like a huge slip-and-slide.

Many people believe it’s time for the Saints to get a new home. Because of this, since last year, the Saints have made many attempts to get funds for a new stadium which is proposed to be built in Lowertown. As of right now, this proposal is more speculation than reality.

One of the things the Saints are known for is their insanely funny promotions given out before and during their games. Throughout the years, whenever there was a controversy in the news, the Saints were always the first people to use it and pick on it. For example, in August 2007, the Saints gave out rubber dog toys, jabbing at the dog fighting incident involving former Atlanta Falcons and current Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. On Saturday, September 1 of this upcoming season, the Saints will be doing a promotion about the New Orleans Saints bounty system controversy.

During the game some examples of these promotions are the pizza toss, tire race, and the newlywed game. In the pizza toss, there is one person standing on each of the teams’ benches and they throw foam pizzas into huge pizza boxes held by another person. In the tire race, contestants start from right field and push a tire to the left field. And in the newlywed game, the Saints find newlyweds and ask them three or four questions about their partners.

In this upcoming season, the Saints will be coming off of a second place finish in the American Association and will be looking to not only repeat this, but also take the next step and bring another championship to St. Paul.

There are many intriguing players on the team this year. One player to watch out for is first basemen, Ole Sheldon. This man is strong and powerful. He plays a lot like Detroit Tigers first basemen Prince Fielder. The Saints season starts on Thursday, May 17 at 7:05 p.m. against the Gary Southshore Railcats.

If anyone is looking for a cheap date, a St. Paul Saints game is the way to go. Tickets are inexpensive (cheapest seat is just five bucks!).

The St. Paul Saints have been a part of St. Paul’s history for twenty years. They have been making thousands of people laugh, and they have a great track record of producing major league talent. I encourage you to go to a game. You’ll have a great time, I promise!

Editors Note: I am an usher for the St. Paul Saints, so basically, my job is making sure the fans are happy and relaxed. I like to tell my friends I get paid to watch baseball!