Sarah Pickar | Staff Writer

Are you looking for a fun and free way to get involved at Century? Century Intramural Sports Program is offering three different sports this fall for students with any level of athletic ability. Intramurals gives students the opportunity to start the week off right with floor hockey on Mondays from 3-4pm, keep the fun going on Tuesdays and Thursdays with flag football from 1-3pm and then finish the week strong with open gym basketball on Fridays from 12-2pm. No matter what type of athletic activity a student is looking for, Intramurals has something for everyone. The intramural program strives to provide everything you need to participate from equipment to showers; they also make signing up easy and participation open to anyone at any time.

Century offers full shower and locker room facilities to Intramural participants. Locker rooms are located at the west end of West Campus with the men’s locker room on first floor and the women’s on the third floor. Students can stop by the fitness center on the first floor and use their student ID to check out a lock. Equipment, ranging from basketballs to canoes, can be checked out at the Connection on the first floor of West Campus. Director of Intramurals Matt Ruhland comments, “Hopefully we can provide recreation equipment to a point so that our students don’t need to spend a dime to enjoy an activity.”

It is not too late to sign up for intramurals. The easiest way to sign up is at the Connection. The only requirement is to sign a simple liability form before participation. The Connection also has sign-ups for the different activities offered.

There are no qualifications for participation. Intramurals are open to anyone whether or not they have any previous experience. There is also no need to feel obligated to come to every activity every time. Some activities require a little consistency in attendance, but newcomers and casual players are welcome.

22 year old Dan Corcoran from Shoreview states, “I like playing with people from different high schools; we no longer are concerned about being rivals.” 19 year old Anthony Carlson, an avid intramural participator, commented on how he enjoys the openness of intramurals and how he “would like to see more people come play.”

Many students have come to enjoy participating in Intramurals. If you are looking for another opportunity to get connected at Century, be sure to check out the Intramural Program and all it has to offer.