10948_188815251422_3479526_aFrom Student Senate

On 9-11-13 members of the Century College Student Senate met to discuss exciting happenings at the college. Highlights of the meeting include:

  • Information and asking of ideas/thoughts on the potential of a revenue bond for expansion of student areas
  • Campus-wide committee assignments
  • The approval of the four day finals changes in order to correlate with scheduled class times better
  • Senate Executive Board is still looking for a Director of IT

For more information about these items, other areas you would like Senate to explore, or to get involved with Student Senate email student.senate@century.edu.

The full minutes are below the break.

Agenda – CCSS Executive Committee

September 11th, 2013 at 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Room W1420

I)              Call to Order – President Eldon Evans 2:34 PM

Present: Eldon E., Oluchi O., Chris J., Matt S., Marianne K.

Absent: none

Excused: none

II)            Approval of Agenda and minutes as amended.

I move to approve the agenda and minutes as amended.

             Member Moving: Peter Davis            Member Second: Tim St. Claire

            Motion Status: Passed

III)          Officer Reports

  1. President: Eldon Evans
  2. Vice President: Matt Stice
  3. Director of IT:
  4. Treasurer: Oluchi Omeoga
  5. Director of Legislation: Chris Johnson
  6. Director of Events: Marianne Kamenyeri
  7. Office Manager: Leah Yang
  8. Advisor: Jennifer Rassett

IV)          Open Discussion

  1. Bonding Project

–       Last year there was talk about an extension for the Student Life area

–       If the club representatives can relay the message to their club members and get their views on this project and what kind of ideas and feedback they have.

–       There was a survey last year on both campuses to see how many people are willing to pay for the extension and the survey revealed that 71% of the students were willing to pay for a little of it.

–       The payment would be kind of like the parking lot fee

–       Looking for ways of supplementing it too, such as donors, etc.

–       What would you like to see in it? Would we like to go into the design phase?

  1. Committee assignments

–       There weren’t enough students signing up for committees

–       Clubs were assigned to committees

  1. Final Changes

–       5-day final system was changed to a 4-day final system

–       They went through the system so that the final schedules will be during a better and more convenient time for the students.

–       It will start in the Spring semester if voted on now.

–       From a student based complaint.

V)            Old Business

 VI)          New Business

  1. Final Changes

I move that we accept the changes to the 4-day Finals system.

          Member Moving: Tim. St. Claire        Member Second: Brandon Fleming

            Motion Status: Passed

 VII)        Special Orders

 VIII)      Announcements

  1. MSCSA Conference

–       MSCSA is actually only a couple of days from now and so if anyone is interest please let Chris Johnson.

–       There is also one in November and if any are interested to let Student Senate know.

  1. Creative Arts Alliance

–       Film showing

IX)          Adjournment 3:03 PM