10948_188815251422_3479526_aFrom Student Senate

On 10-09-13 members of the Century College Student Senate met to discuss exciting happenings at the college. For more information about these items, other areas you would like Senate to explore, or to get involved with Student Senate email student.senate@century.edu.

The full minutes are below the break.

October 9th, 2013 at 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Room W1420

I)                   Call to Order – President Eldon Evans 2:32PM

Present: Evans, Omeoga, Ingram, Kamenyeri, Stice, Johnson

Absent: none

Clubs present: Asian Student Association, Accounting, ASID, CCITA, Creative Arts Alliance, Dental Assistant, Engineering Club, Freestyle Dance Club, Philosophy, Nursing, Orth/Proth Student, Q&S, Rugby, Human Services, Rad Tech, Spanish, American African Student Association, PTK,

Club Absent:  Board Games, Dental Hygienist, Education Club, Genshiken, Green Power, Hypermedia, International, Karen, Mass Defined, Non-traditional, Table Tennis, Veteran’s, Alpha Omega, American Sign Language, DeHackers, Cycling Club,  NASA, PTK, Rugby, Theatre, Law Enforcement Criminal Justice, Spanish, Native American Student Association

Clubs Excused:

Clubs Frozen: Accounting, Board Games, Green Power, International, Karen, Non-traditional, Table Tennis, Non-traditional, Hypermedia, Alpha Omega, Mass Defined, Cycling Club, Rugby, Theatre, Native American Student Association

II)                Approval of Agenda and minutes as amended.

I move to approve the minutes.

            Member Moving: Peter           Member Second: Samuel I.

            Motion Status: Passed

III)             Quorum established

25 out of 38

IV)             Officer Reports

  • President: Eldon Evans
  • Vice President: Matt Stice
  • Director of IT: Samuel Ingram

–          Newly elected Director of IT

  • Treasurer: Oluchi Omeoga

–          It’s important to get budgets in.

  • Director of Legislation: Chris Johnson

–          Need a few more representatives for The Student Leadership Summit

  • Director of Events: Marianne Kamenyeri
  • Office Manager: Leah Yang
  • Advisor: Jennifer Rassett

V)                Open Discussion

  • a.      Be The Match

Agenda Item: Be the Match


–          Be the match is a nonprofit group that seeks to get people to sign up to the database and get people on file to help donate marrow or blood stem cells, tissue, etc.

–          It’s free to register.

–          Once register for Be the Match, you’re registered for life.

–          Be the Match is trying to cooperate with different clubs in order to promote their mission.

Discussion: Full Senate discussed about the process of signing up to be a donor and also the potential collaboration of clubs with this non-profit group.

Resolved: Chris will contact Be That Match with any clubs that are interested in collaborating with them.

  • Anime Club

Agenda Item: Anime Club

Description: The anime club wants to become an official club at Century College.

A lot of century students show interest in anime which is why this club wants to begin an anime club.


Resolved:See New Business

  • AASA:

Agenda Item: AASA (African American Student Association)

Description: The purpose of this association is to bring African American culture to Century College and share their culture. They want to become an official club.

Discussion: Discussed about potential future events and other benefits they can bring to Century College.

Resolved: See New Business.

  • Entrepreneur Club

Agenda Item: Entrepreneur Club

Description: Entrepreneur club’s purpose is to help those who are interested in the business field get themselves prepared for future job opportunities.

Discussion: Entrepreneur did not attend, but Full Senate wanted to give them a chance to show up to the next meeting before making a decision.

Resolved: See New Business.

  • Shorten Semester

Agenda Item: Shorten Semester

Description:  The summer schedule will possibly be changed to 10 weeks so that high school students, working students, and also century college students can benefit from this due to more time. If this change were to be made then the breaks would also lengthen and there will be enough time for IT updates. This will be voted on in November.

Discussion: This may cause a change in class schedules and the amount of material being covered in the summer. This may result in a time crunch for summer students.

Resolved: none

  • Student e-mail accounts Oct 10 – Conversions SkyDrive

Agenda Item:Student e-mail accounts Oct 10 – Conversions SkyDrive

Description:Student e-mail accounts will be getting SkyDrive, there will be no big difference except the addition of the SkyDrive. The problem with logging into e-mails will be fixed.


Resolved: none

  • Faculty Nomination

Agenda Item:Faculty Nomination

Description:There will be a Faculty Nominations for teachers and staffs who are exceeding expectations, these nominations will be online through the MyCentury main page.

Discussion: none


  • Tuition Consultation Process

Agenda item:Tuition Consultation Process

Description:Our tuition is frozen by the legislation for two years so nothing can be changed except for fees such as parking fees, student life fees, and etc. Administration was thinking about increasing our parking fee because there is a need for additional construction and possibly more parking. The Tuition Consultation Process has started.

Discussion:Full Senate discussed about the need for more parking spots.

Resolved: none

VI)             Old Business

VII)          New Business

  • Anime club

I move to approve the Anime Club.

            Member Moving: Nate M.                   Member Second: Samuel I.

            Motion Status: Passed

  • AASA

I move to approve them to be a club.

            Member Moving: Oluchi O.                Member Second: Marianne K.

            Motion Status: Passed

  • Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Club was tabled until a member is present on the November 13th Full Senate meeting.

VIII)       Special Orders

IX)             Announcements

–          Oluchi Omega: It’s important to get budgets in.

–          Q&S: They are having their “Coming Out forum” there will be pizza

–          ASA: Oct 15th, ASA will have a Scary movie night and on Oct 25th they will be having their Halloween Dance

–          Creative Arts Alliance: Creative arts is have a paint a pumpkin event on Oct. 29th

–          PTK : Oct 19th, will have an Ice Cream Social, Commit to Complete Nov. 19th

 PTK is also interested in collaborating with any other clubs for future events.

–          Rad Tech : Breast Cancer Awareness on Oct. 24th

–          Freestyle Dance Club: FDC is going to have a performance on Oct. 30th

–          Nursing: college representative Day. Oct. 14

–          Veterans’ Club : basic Training event in the gym

–          PAC: Fright Walk Oct. 30th, the theme is slender man.

–          Chris Johnson: Spread word about “Be the match” to their clubs. There is also MSCSA Next week so if anyone is interest to contact Student Senate.

X)                Adjournment 3:20 PM