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On 11-13-13 members of the Century College Student Senate met to discuss exciting happenings at the college. For more information about these items, other areas you would like Senate to explore, or to get involved with Student Senate email student.senate@century.edu.

The full minutes are below the break.

November 13th, 2013 at 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Room W1420

I)                   Call to Order – President Eldon Evans 2:35PM

Present: Evans, Omeoga, Ingram, Kame:nyeri, Stice, Johnson

Absent: none

Clubs present: Accounting –Chris T., American Sign Language – Houa, Asian Student Association – Cheng X., AASA – Leyda T., CCITA – Brad S., Dental Hygienist – Nikki, Dental Assistant- Wendy, Engineering – Abdullah, Philosophy – Tim St. Claire, Freestyle Dance Club- Everaid F., Human Services – Addhi H., Native American Student Association – Anthony C., Nursing – Debbie J., OPSA- Brandon F., PTK- Elliot D., Q&S- Fong Y., Rad tech.- Jonathan P., Rugby – Juda, Veteran’s- Sean F.

Club Absent: Creative Arts Alliance, Anime club, Spanish

Clubs Excused: none

Clubs Frozen: Board Games, Green Power, International, Karen, Non-traditional, Table Tennis, Non-traditional, Hypermedia, Alpha Omega, Mass Defined, Cycling Club, Rugby, Theatre, Native American Student Association, Spanish

II)                Approval of Agenda and minutes as amended.

No objection

III)             Quorum established

25 out of 38

IV)             Officer Reports

  • President: Eldon Evans
  • Vice President: Matt Stice
  • Director of IT: Samuel Ingram
  • Treasurer: Oluchi Omeoga
  • Director of Legislation: Chris Johnson
  • Director of Events: Marianne Kameny eri
  • Office Manager: Leah Yang
  • Advisor: Jennifer Rassett

V)                Open Discussion

  • Full Senate Tuition consultation

Agenda Item: Full Senate Tuition consultation

Description: Student Senate Executive met with the administration to talk about the tuition. Tuition has been frozen so there isn’t much changes except for the fact that there is the potential of the parking fee to increase for construction purposes.

Discussion: none

Resolved: none

  • Tobacco use and sale Policy

Agenda Item: Tobacco use and sale Policy

Description: Chewing Tobacco, smoking, and electronic cigarettes are not allowed on campus. It is only allowed in the car.

Discussion: none

Resolved: none

  • Affirmative action statements

Agenda Item: Affirmative action statements

Description: none

Discussion: none

Resolved: covered in “Office of Civil Rights” agenda item

  • Shorten Semester – Suresh

Agenda Item: Shorten Semester

Description: Vice president of Academic affairs, Suresh, has come to discuss about shortening the summer term. There is very little gap between the end of spring and start of summer in which would impact students and the administration.  The gap is so little that it is hard to help students with petitions. Other cases are that in summer, there are some potential new students from other institutions to attend Century. The proposal is to create gaps between terms to take care of all the business that needs to be done.

Discussion: The new schedule would begin around the 2nd of June and the end around August 8th. There is the worry of cutting down the weeks would impact student’s grades because of such a crunch. There are multiple choices of summer classes time frame depending on which courses are being taken. The offerings of classes wouldn’t be changed. The concern of how many classes does a student have to take to be eligible for Financial aid. In the Summer 6 credits will amount to a full-time student. How many credits would veterans have to take in order to be considered full-time? For veteran students it would be 9 credits.

Resolved: none

  • Stipends

Agenda Item: Stipends

Description: Every semester, students have 16 stipends that can be distributed to students. For every one stipend received, it is considered 1 credit. There are additional credits that can be distributed to club members, students, and anyone who has done a good job and provided services for Century College. If any questions please contact Jennifer Rassett, Jennifer.Rassett@my.century.edu.

Discussion: none

Resolved: none

  • Announce Advocacy days

Agenda Item: announce Advocacy days

Description: Advocacy days are on March 25th and 26th.

Discussion: none

Resolved: none

  • StarID after spring 2014

Agenda Item: StarID after spring 2014

Description: As of November there will be messages reminding students to sign into e-services with StarIDs. In the summer it will be mandatory to use StarIDs to sign into e-services.

Discussion: If there are reimbursement forms would we need to use our StarIDs for that?

Resolved: none

  • Strategic Plan

Agenda Item: 

Description: Student Senate Vice President, Matt Stice, worked with two students to put together all the surveys around school to see what kind of things students would like to see improved around Century College. These ideas were added onto the Student Senate Strategic Plan for 2013-14.

Discussion: There should be the expansion of the variety of books that can be rented out.

Resolved: Voted to approve the Strategic Plan

  • C&B Bylaws

Agenda Item: C&B Bylaws

Description: Student Senate went through the process in the summer to change the Student Life committee so that it would be all students only. The Faculty wasn’t happy with it therefore it is being changed back to have 2 faculty members in the Student Life committee

Discussion: none

Resolved: none

  • Service Hours

Agenda Item: Service Hours

Description: none

Discussion: none

Resolved: Tabled until next meeting

  • Senator Elections

Agenda Item: Senator Elections

Description: Olu is interested in being a senator for Student Senate. Part of Olu’s responsibilities is to have 4 hrs of club service a month and he has to serve on a committee. Olu must attend all the Full Senate meetings.

Discussion: none

Resolved: Olu was voted as a Senator of Student Senate.

  • Office of Civil Rights visit

Agenda Item: Office of Civil Rights

Description: There will be a visit for 3 days in January from people from the Office of Civil Rights to come and inspect to make sure that civil rights of students, employees, etc. aren’t being violated. Wants to make sure that there are no discrimination happening in Century College.

Discussion: Does club posters have to have the non-discrimination statement on them? Every flyer/poster needs to have this statement on them.

Resolved: none

VI)             Old Business

VII)          New Business

VIII)       Special Orders

IX)             Announcements


–          holding an open panel in the nest on November 26th at 11:30 – 2:30PM

–          There will also be a speaker from the Native American’s affair coming.


–          There is the need for feedback about the Student Life expansion

–          There is a new process of Signing in the Check-in sheet with their names.


–          There will be 2 speakers coming in

–          On Monday Assurity group will come in for a job fair and a presentation in the East campus.

–          On Thursday there will be a speaker talking about security consultation.


–          There is an open spot for the conference this weekend.

Human Services:

–          There will be a fundraiser tomorrow at 2pm until 4


–          Hmong New Year on December 6th


–          There will be an ice cream social on the 18th.


–          Interior design one-on-one on Dec 4th


–          Issues with the printer being deleted off the computer, therefore there are issues with being charged for paper being sent to the color printer settings.

–          Hand sanitizer replenishment issues.


–          There are two state representatives that attended today to discuss about issues.

X)                Adjournment 3:25pm