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“Look at the head on that! I hope you enjoy it,” I say smirking. It might be a little flirtatious but I know the guy likes it. If I keep it up, I know he’ll probably give me more money at the end.

Every day it’s like this. Trying to feel out the people I’m with to get more money. All day long I can hear the girls nag.

“After I clean up the pig’s mess HE made, the guy only gave me an extra $10. That was a $200 total! I did EVERYTHING for him and his friends,” Trixie will usually complain.

“This guy is SO thirsty,” I can hear Anita moan.

My personal favorite to overhear is, “Whatever makes him happy, I guess. I don’t care what the guy wants so long as I get paid better for it.” This is usually said by those of us who have been doing this business awhile.

I don’t hear too many good stories unless someone got more money than they expected.

Yes, it’s difficult to do this everyday considering how emotionally and physically draining the everyday grind is. Some days we want to quit but we know we can’t make this kind of money anywhere else. So we stay.

What’s worse is that the man in charge who used to be in our shoes, makes sure we do everything in our power to have our visitors leave happy. He’s always saying things like, “Make sure you make that gentleman want to pay you extra for going above and beyond his expectations.” (We get groups and ladies all the time too, but men seem to be more susceptible to giving us more money for doing things extra.)

Photo by Keano Vang
Photo by Keano Vang

Going above expectations is what I’m doing right now; I’m saying and doing things that are making this guy happy he came in. The boss is right, the happier this guy is, the better I get paid.

My favorite people to take care of are the regulars. Doesn’t matter if it’s Dale, Jimmy, or Walter and Janet, I know exactly what they want.

New people sometimes throw me off. Either they have a ton of questions that I’d rather not be the person to answer, or they have weird tastes that I judge them on the inside for.

The more dedicated of us stay up ‘til 1 or 2 or in the morning to get extra money while the rest sleep, exhausted from the long day. There’s only a few of us who are up to the task though, considering it means cleaning up after everyone.

The end of the night is when I’m starting to feel the most nervous and guilty. I never know if I’ve made enough to give the 20 percent I owe Dylan. He is the whole reason I get business at all, but a girl has to eat. At the same time, I don’t want him hunting me down for money, or worse, not help me clean up after my guests.

Yes, the everyday life of a server is pretty difficult.