Jonathan Pressley | Staff Writer

For many, excitement is reigning high as the end of the semester quickly approaches dragging along with it graduation for those who have completed their course here at Century. For others, the title of this piece better suits their emotional state. Why? While many reasons where cited in an extensive poll, one reason stood out above all others – “I’m not sure I can handle the real world.”

One student who anonymously submitted their poll stated, “I’ve been in school since I was a child, I don’t know what the real world is like.”

An interviewed individual who had returned to school after being in the real world stated, “I don’t know if I am ready to return. My educational rehab is complete but I don’t know if I can hold the weight of the real world on my shoulders again,” walking away the interviewee muttered to themselves, “maybe I should take another physical education class to prepare for the weight…”

As the May 16th graduation approaches, some students just wish time would slow. “I don’t want my classes to end,” one student writes, “don’t get me wrong, normally I am as excited for summer as the next person, but once I step out of Aldrich arena after graduation I am stepping into the real world. I just don’t think I am ready for that.”

In recognition of the alarming number responses similar to these and rising stress due to agoraphobia, The Century Times thought it prudent to remind the student body of the counseling services offered by the college. Please see them with your concerns about the real world.

Additionally we would like to offer some advice about how to deal with uncomfortable situations that arise when one is dealing with agoraphobia. First of all; when people congratulate you on graduating, say thank you. Whatever you do, don’t tell them of your fear of the real world. Remember these well intentioned people have been living in the harsh environment you are afraid of entering and will likely scoff at the notion of your fear having themselves been desensitized to its real effects.

Along with that we recommend you take precautions so that you yourself do not become desensitized. Read student newspapers like The Century Times. Eat ramen noodles at least once a week to remember your roots. Lastly, if you are unable to define the title of this article with certainty, take an English class next semester and join the newspaper to maintain a life line to the college life, just in case.