Jacob Bernier | Staff Writer

Flyer courtesy of Spanish Club
Flyer courtesy of Spanish Club

To support #ProjectHunger, the Spanish Club will be offering a food-for-food event in the Nest this Monday, Nov. 24. The club will give out one free taco for every non-perishable food item or $1 cash donation.

All food donations must be unopened, unexpired, and in the original packaging. No home-canned goods can be accepted. Glass items, with the exception of baby food, should be avoided.

Some good foods to donate are: peanut butter, canned soup, cereal, crackers, cookies, granola bars, and canned goods such as tuna, chicken, fruit and vegetables. Instant meals like Hamburger Helper or macaroni and cheese are also good ideas.

Although #ProjectHunger does not accept cash donations, the Spanish Club will use any money to buy food to donate, says language lab coordinator Lilian Weber.

#ProjectHunger is a campus-wide food drive sponsored by the Asian Student Association. Julie Chau, President of ASA, says that their mission for the food drive serves two purposes; to help those in need, and to raise awareness for the food pantry.

Flyer courtesy of Spanish Club
Flyer courtesy of Spanish Club

A few weeks ago, ASA asked if any clubs or organizations on campus wanted to participate. Several said yes.

Each club that signed up was given a blue bin. Every Friday, or when the bin is full, the clubs bring the food to the food pantry. Some clubs, like the Spanish Club are having events to encourage student participation.

Having the clubs hold mini-food drives is a great way to keep this event going.

“I had asked other clubs to collaborate with us because I want to build a relationship with them, and I want them to be in the project, so we can all help and make a difference in our community,” says Chau.

Doing your part to support this initiative is easy. Stop by the Nest Monday with a non-perishable food item or a dollar, and enjoy a delicious lunch! Items can also be left in the blue #ProjectHunger bins located around campus until Dec. 28.