Rosetta Peters | Creative Writing Student


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it is time, baby girl.

from this point on

every choice that you make will be an answer

to the overly asked questions of

Who do you want to be?

What kind of person would you like to be?

What kind of woman?

be a walk in the woods

be a Paper Birch in a forest of pines


be the tree that they chose to carve their initials in

or better still

be the stone he picks from the earth, that he uses to chisel the heart around their names

that he still carries in his pocket today


be a walking stick for others, but never their crutch.

be a footprint in the sand


be no internet connection

no signal

a dropped call


be the first step that she takes off the trail

don’t ever be afraid to make your own path

be your favorite song, the lyric, the beat


be the first leaf to change its’ color in the fall

but be the last leaf to drop from the tree


be the mason’s thumbprint that he leaves in the mortar between the stones


be the breath she takes just before he kisses her for the first time

be his courage to try


be a tire swing


be a Canada goose, baby

whether you’re flying point or get tired and have to fall back for awhile, always stay in the “V”


be a glow worm

no matter how dark it gets, always know, that you own the ability to shine


be the vows that he writes- be his promise to her

and be the first tear to escape as he reads them to her on their wedding day


be a child’s jump rope

or a baby’s first cry


you’re the author of your own story, honey

so take your time telling it.



and revise some more

oh baby, be your own happy ending!


and my darling, sweet girl-

whatever you do


just be