La Moua | Staff Writer

On Monday, April 4, the Asian Student Association (ASA) of Century College held their second annual event, “Taste of Asia.” This event represented the many ways Asian Pacific Islanders’ influences impact American cultures.

There was a plentiful amount of activities and food provided by the club. There were exciting activities that were provided, also. “Guess the Origin of the Instruments” and “Paint Your Own Lantern” were a couple of them. There were also yummy snacks that they provided:  onigiri (Japanese rice balls), Indian curry, Hmong sausage and a few others.

The president of the club, Julie Chau, said that last year was ASA’s first time coordinating this event. She mentioned that they had plenty of ideas that they did do, but it was a little much, so they decided to do less activities this year, and it seemed to flow better.

Chau also mentioned that usually, around the end of the year, the ASA has a volleyball tournament that they play. Everyone is invited to come and watch!