Lanie Carter | Online Editor
Graham Wessberg | Photographer

The Mystery Annex Building
The Mystery Annex Building

As I was following a lead for another article, I found that there is such a mystery about this building in the back of the east campus. It isn’t a maintenance building and strange animal-like noises can be heard coming from the area.

When I tried to investigate just what is going on in this “building” I searched the new Century website but all I found was a 404 error message. There seemed to be forces at work here that don’t want the contents of what is behind those darken doors out.

"Ain't nothing here but us Chickens!
“Ain’t nothing here but us Chickens!

What are the strange animal noises that can be heard in the parking lot? Is Big Foot taking classes or this this the birthplace of our own “Woody the Wood duck” who we all have believed was just a student life member in a large costume. This investigative reporter is going to find out just that.

When I walked into the doors, I was greeted with an eerie silence and a strong smell that is purely animal. What came to investigate this new disturbance was an orange tabby who gave me a look of curiosity and annoyance. Clearly the leader of this department, he rubbed up against my legs, begging for some attention. Since it seemed I had to get his approval for further passage, I bilged.

Even though it’s during the day I felt as I had walked into a haunted house of some kind. I heard loud noises coming from the back room that sent chills down my spine. A sudden yell, from what I assumed to be an animal, letting me know that I was not alone. I walked towards the back room from where the noises continued to call to me.

 I entered into large room of several cages and found the source of the disturbance. Along with right wall of the room is lined with cages of bunnies and chinchillas. The left side of the room has two large cages, the far cage has several goats and filled with hay. The front cage as my new noisy friends, a few roosters and 2 very vocal geese.

I felt more at ease now that I knew the source of the strange yelling but I still found myself ducking behind a large animal cage just in case something else was a miss.

"Can I help you?"
“Can I help you?”

I wondered back into the hall way to another large room to what appears to be a classroom. Fish tanks lined the back wall, as I started to walk into the room and green ball began rolling quickly towards me. I jumped back but finally realized that there is some kind of rodent inside the ball. A logical explanation for the ball rolling across the room but not any less creepy.

As I made my way into what was the last and final room, the temperature was rising at least 80 degrees. The largest room of the annex, a greenhouse with floor to ceiling glass windows filled with plants and two large, blue kiddie pools on the floor with swimming turtles in each one.

The far section of the room on the left had two large walk-in bird cages. The first one has curious cockatoos gave me look of wonderment, as if to ask, “why are you here?”  The second cage had a large colorful parrot and that it’s repeated welcomed me by saying “Hi”. He let me pet his belly but had eyes in the back of his head and refused to let me bring my hand any closer.  “That’s ok”, I said out loud, “we don’t have to be friends right away”.  

The right side of the room had another large enclosure with some very large lizards inside. Beside it was several glass aquariums some had very large snakes others had bearded dragons.

Breaded Dragon giving his good side.
Breaded Dragon giving his good side.

Through my extensive search through the mystery annex building, I didn’t find Big Foot but what I did find is that this Animal Science class offered to 916 students from local high schools gives an introduction to students looking to go into many animal related fields.

 Students learn about how to care for companion animals and their health, anatomy and physiology. Members of the classes learn about the handling and grooming procedures, sanitization, disease identification and prevention along with basic pet first aid and certification.


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Later this spring, Animal Science students will be hosting an animal adoption fundraiser through Our Paws: Rescue Pets are Wonderful

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