“Public education shouldn’t be at the mercy of politics. But it is.” -Education Minnesota

In order to help students navigate the voting process, there are copies of various informational flyers from the office of the MN Secretary of State available on the West Campus by the Nest.  These include information on who can vote, same-day registration, info regarding whether students should register at their parents’ address or their school address, items one can and cannot bring to the polls, voting rights, and more.

In the same area faculty, staff, and students can also sign a card pledging to vote.

Pick up your own “I will vote” sticker there, too.

Also, the student senate has invited candidates from local house and senate races to campus. Candidates will be on-campus on 10/31 and 11/1 from 11:00-1:00. Click the attached flyer for a better image.


For information such as to check the status of one’s voter registration, to check the status of an absentee ballot/ballot by mail request, to find one’s polling place, or to download and print a sample ballot, go to the Secretary’s web site.


For folks living in Wisconsin, see the following site.


Educate yourself

A list of the Education Minnesota and Minnesota State College Faculty (MSCF) endorsements can be found on EdMN’s website.



Find volunteer opportunities on the MSCF calendar.


Non-Partisan Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts


From the CC-MSCF

Beth Hentges

Legislative Liaison