Robert Anigbogu | Contributing Writer

On the first day of school, all of the students walk into class and look forward to seeing who they will be seated by. Everyone wants to sit by the smartest kid in the class, but no one wants to sit by the loud, obnoxious and talkative kid.

There are four types of irksome classmates with annoying behavior that no one wants to sit by throughout the term: the kids who always ask other students for something, the kids that always talk and do not know when to shut up, the kids that never do their work and want to copy off other students, and then there are the kids that think they know everything.

The Beggars

Most students are familiar with the classmates who always ask for or want to borrow other students’ materials because they “forgot” theirs. These classmates are referred to as “the beggars.”

Normally, the beggars do not come to class prepared. They will scramble through their backpacks swearing that they brought a pencil but must have lost it. After a couple of minutes of trying to find a pencil, the beggar will look over to their neighbor with a sad face and ask, “Can I please borrow a pencil? Oh, I swear I will give it back by end of class.”

The beggars are notorious for always asking for a piece of paper, gum or food. The worst part about beggars who ask to borrow one of their classmate’s materials is that when the classmate who lent them materials asks to borrow something, the beggar finds an absurd excuse to say no.

The Talkers

One of the most annoying things is to sit by a classmate who does not know how or when to shut up. These classmates are referred to as “the talkers.” Typically, the talkers will ramble on and on with no stop or purpose to what they are saying. It is like they are missing the part in their brain that tells them to put a sock in it.

Talkers are known for being loud, chatty and gossipers. Talkers love to hear themselves talk. It is almost as if their goal is to punish other students who decide to sit by them by talking their ears off. Talkers never care to hear what others have to say; everything is about them.

These people never seem to pay attention to what is going on. Talkers are so busy expressing their inner thoughts they tend to miss most of what the teacher is lecturing on. When the teacher asks them a question, they get the “deer caught in the headlights” expression on their faces.

One will never be left out in the latest drama because the talkers will release all they know without permission. Talkers are also known to spoil surprises, so be careful when choosing to sit by a talker.

The Slackers

One of the most despised classmates are the ones who come to class but do not pay attention or take any notes. As soon as they get home, though, they text other classmates asking for notes from class. Those same classmates are the ones who will copy off others assignments and tests. These classmates are known as the irksome “slackers.” They are lazy, unmotivated, sneaky and manipulative.

Slackers are easy to spot in any classroom. Just look for the kid whose eyes cannot stay on his or her test. Slackers would use every excuse in the book just to get their classmates to give them answers from last night’s assignment. They could say, “I couldn’t do the assignment last night. I got soap in my eye, and I was blinded for the rest of the night.”

All students can agree that their worst nightmare is getting partnered up with a slacker on a group project. They all know that the slacker will do absolutely zero work but will receive the same grade as everyone else. Is it possible that slackers are unaware of their behaviors? No! They are quite aware; they hope to get through life with little effort.

The Know-It-Alls

Finally, the most annoying classmates to sit by are the ones who believe that they know it all, like they believe that God himself showed them all the secrets of the world. These students are referred to as “the know-it-alls.” According to, a know-it-all is “a person who acts as though he or she knows everything and who dismisses the opinions, comments, or suggestions of others.”

Typically, know-it-alls have a stack of books with them that they never actually read; the books are just there for looks. It is hard to understand why or how the know-it-alls do what they do without observing them in their natural habitat, the classroom.

The know-it-alls are the kids in the class who have their hands wildly flapping in the air trying to get the teacher’s attention. As soon as the teacher calls on them, the know-it-alls ask the most irrelevant questions or shout out smart remarks that make everyone in the classroom roll their eyes, including the teacher.

On a good day, the know-it-alls will answer a question correctly or ask a question that will get them a thumbs up from the teacher. This event is not a good thing for the students. This situation only builds the confidence of the know-it-alls and that means they will believe that they actually do know it all. Oh, the irony.

These are some of the students that one should look out for when it comes to choosing seats for the first day of class. If, by chance, one does end up sitting by a beggar, talker, slacker or a know-it-all, good luck.