A Synopsis of Poetry Month

Tirzah Joy | Lead Creative Writer

Calling poets and all lovers of poetry! April is here. It is National Poetry Month. Hope all of you had a blast this april with poetry! Here’s what Century college did in honor of National Poetry Month:

On April 3rd, there was a Poetry City USA Editor’s Panel Presentation in The Nest starting at 2:15pm lasting until 4 in the afternoon. This event provided a sneak peek into the editors’ mind when they review poetry into their magazine. Poetry City, an annually published magazine, aims to teach students in the Twin Cities different techniques of poetry and continues to do so.

Following that on April 11th, there was a Scrabble Tournament held in The Nest from 11:30-1:30pm. Things got a little heated as people scrambled for vowels and consonants at this match.

Live @ Lunch w/ Poet Neil Hilborn was held in The Nest from noon until 1pm on April 12th. Neil Hilborn is a well-known Minnesotan poet who performs in slam poetry via Button Poetry and other avenues common to our state.

Hilborn’s work has gone viral on Facebook and you can check out a few selections of his talent from the Button Poetry page. He shared both funny and sad poems from his book “Our Numbered Days.”

Recently the Century College Alumni Association held Writers Write On: An Alumni Reading in the Lincoln Mall on April 20th. This lasted from 12:15 to 2:30pm. Readers included: David A Bäcker, Jacob Bernier, An Gragoila-Berneir, Lanie Carter, Alyce DeBlase, Andrea Hedberg, Elizabeth Johnson, Sarah Kuyack, Rosetta Peters, Dena Urbano, and Frank Wilken. I myself was a reader there as well, but these amazing talents shared their works and continue to inspire writers hiding here at Century college to come and take up the Creative Writing Certificate.

On April 24, Rachel Moritz & Su Smallen have a Poetry Reading in The Nest from 2:15 to 4:00pm. Then, on May 3rd there will be a Spring Student Reading in The Nest from 2:15 to 4:00pm from our current Creative Writing students.