Cosmetology Department Branches Out with the Community

Tanita Cronk | Staff Writer

Ramon Varela | Photographer

Image Credit: Ramon Varela

For over 20 years, the cosmetology department at Century College has been helping students learn how to achieve success and become great cosmetologists. But that is not all they do.

Student and Cosmetology Major Sam Vinson says, “Cosmetology is an interesting program, because the art you create is on a living canvas.”

Students learn with a mix of 1550 hours of classroom and clinic hours that reflect current trends and keep up to date with state regulations such as skin care services. Students also get to practice their skills in the community through programs like Skills USA.

Skills USA is a high school and college program that takes students, teachers, and industry partners for all career and technical programs and put them together to ensure that students going into the industry are a “skilled workforce.”

Skills USA is also a organization that works with industry students and advisors. Thom Costa, Century’s cosmetology chair says “It teaches how to be a strong leader in their career and community.”

Through this program, the cosmetology department has been reaching out to the community. On the first of April, they hosted the Annual Cosmetology Competition right here at Century College.  Century College took 2 gold and 1 silver at this event and 4 students will be going to the National Competition which will be in the third week of June.

Although we have had competitors in the competition in the past, this was Century College’s first time hosting the event in which cosmetology students from all over the state will came to compete.

This fall semester, the cosmetology department will start offering mentorships to the students of Northeast Metro 916 High School which is located next door the salon on east campus. The students in this high school program receive college and high school credit, utilizing hands-on learning opportunities. “We are excited to roll it out,” states Costa.

In addition to Skills USA and Northeast Metro 916, the cosmetology department also reaches out into the community with events for organizations. For instance, on April 12, the students of the program worked with Big Brothers, Big Sisters during an event in which the mentors and mentees of the program come in for an evening for dinner, demos, and discussions about a career in cosmetology.

Once a semester, the department also brings back alumni to give talks and demos. It is a chance for alumni to show off their work and talk about where they went after graduating.

In addition, the students also practice their skills by providing services for people that live in the neighborhood, children’s birthday parties, and local groups homes whose clients come in with their caregivers to get manicures and haircuts, as well as Century College students.

We want to “highlight the fact that we have this unique little niche inside the greater college,” says Dawn Goebel (Instructor).

In order to do this, the department has been working with the marketing department here on campus to be able to give the student salon a “persona.” The new salon name will be Salon 120 @ Century College.

This fall the department will have a grand opening in which they will share a new logo and brand for the student salon. They look forward to seeing you there.