Fatma Al Madan | Contributing Writer

Neuroscience refers to the study of the brain and the nervous system. The brain enables human beings to adapt to different things or conditions. Students who carry out the study of the brain understand the fundamental role of science in the society, and help explain the functionality of the human anatomy.

There are people who think studying neuroscience is hard and takes many years. This does not detract students interested in neuroscience because they want to know how genes effect the brain, and to have a high level of expertise.

One of the most important reasons of studying neuroscience is to know how genes effect on the brain work. Students work to understand and handle daily tasks in the medical profession. They work to resolve the disparity that has existed for years such as whether human genes can be controlled by an electrical impulse. They can hope achieve the goal through learning how genes influence a brain’s development and its functions.

While, genes can show the differences that coexist in the human body, they cannot make an individual an effective leader. With such instances, many students view that attaining their Bachelor of Neuroscience degree will help assist in gaining an understanding of how genes can change through ecological factors such as chemicals and diet. If provided with a chance and awarded the degree, students can impact the lives of their patients and society through detailed research.

Many students are interested in acquiring this degree because of the high level of expertise they can offer patients. There is a chance to collaborate with well-established neurologists who can help guide students to achieve results. Such mentors will help them enhance their knowledge of the brain and the nervous system.

Additionally, students can incorporate new skills from their learning experience in the classroom and improve methods of brain study. According to Lennart Mucke, “the neurodegenerative disorder Alzheimer’s disease is becoming more prevalent in aging populations worldwide. The identification of effective treatments will require a better understanding of the physiological mechanisms involved, and innovative approaches to drug development and evaluation.” Learning new skills can help enable students to develop better treatments for neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

According to Chris Forsythe in Cognitive Neuroscience of Human Systems, students have expectations that once they attain the degree, the number of untreated mental cases will decrease substantially through their contributions. The degree can also help students improve their research on how to contain mental disorders, and assist in finding treatment for mental diseases.

Some people think it is hard to study neuroscience because it has a lot of challenges and can take many years; as result, they think their life will be boring. Where they will just stay at home and do their homework, even on the weekend. Also, getting a Bachelor’s degree in neuroscience, will not make them a neuroscientist. To become one, the student will have to continue until they receive a PhD in neuroscience, which takes another 10 years.

On the other hand, neuroscience students believe that they can handle the major. They can be creative people. They can understand well how the brain develops and do the research to improve and discover about the brain, like what the neuroscientist did, which is not hard for them. Moreover, neuroscience students who are undergraduates can continue their studying no matter how many years it takes.

In spite of the fact that getting a Bachelor’s degree in neuroscience takes four years, time can pass quickly. A student can graduate and get many different careers to make more money. According to Careers in Neuroscience, such careers can be in “pharmaceutical sales, medical, natural sciences manager, and many different careers.”

In conclusion, the study of the brain and its nervous system is referred to as Neuroscience. The brain is premeditated as the organ that controls the adaptation of man to different things such as learning processes and what the environment contains. A Bachelor of Neuroscience degree can be inspired by the desire to impact the lives of patients and that of the society by offering a better understanding of the brain. And how genes stimulate different activities such as the reading ability. Graduates can offer their research skills in finding a treatment for mental disorders. Therefore, it is beneficial to students to receive the Bachelor of Neuroscience degree since it will help society address the concerns raised and improve a better understanding of the brain.