Thuy (Kristy) Dong | Staff Writer and Photographer

Tirzah Joy | Lead Creative Writer

Vladimir Cruz | Photographer

K-pop music, the genre of music originated from South Korea and has been one of the more celebrated music in recent years. K-pop music has proved to have an amazingly strong effect to not only South Korea, but other countries all around the world, such as the United States, Brazil, Japan, China, Vietnam, and more.

The reason behind the success of K-pop is the quality. K-pop music does not only focus on the song itself, but also strongly aware of how important promotions can affect the outcome. Korean entertainments take care of the artists’ fashion from head to toes, spend a huge amount of money to produce interesting music videos, and strongly encourage the artists to update the fans what they do during their practice time or just everyday life.

Fortunately, Century College has been celebrating the beauty of K-pop in the past few years. As many students transfer every year, Century K-pop club seems to have its members changing and has always been run by different people. This year, K-pop club was resurrected from the grounds by co-founders of the club, Megan Gryzwa and Kyle Tamondong.

In regards to setting up the K-pop club, Gryzwa says, “At the beginning of the year Kyle and I were already interested in joining the club from ads we had seen online before school even started. We went to the club center to get more information but found out that it was frozen as a club since the leaders from last year weren’t at Century anymore. Since it was something Kyle and I were so excited about it, and it is something that I have a definite love for, I thought, why not start it back up? It took a couple months to really get it going but by late September we had it all running.”

Gryzwa reveals a few reasons behind creating K-fest. One of the reasons is to get the club name out to Century students. The club has been preparing to get the show started. She emphasizes that the club members have been practicing dances for the event since the beginning of the year.

Next, Gryzwa talks about the fund raising that the club did for the non-profit organization Liberty in North Korea (LINK) to help North Korean refugees who desire to emigrate due to the poverty and harshness of the life in North Korea. A fun fact about LINK is that the organization has rescued 600 refugees, which is an unexpectedly big amount of lives being saved.

In hopes for the future, Tamondong, who is majoring in mechanical engineering, mentions about their next K-pop event on April 21st from 1-3pm. He excitedly talks about how the members are going to perform medley dances, sing performance, introduce some Korean famous games, and sell Korean snacks. Tamondong adds that the club wants to give out cookies for finals, and they are going to perform at the Anime’s club cosplay café as well.

Regarding favorite songs/groups in K-pop, member Ashley Agwatu recommends, “EXO and BTS for sure. 2NE1 and Big Bang too. For individual songs, Super Junior-Mamacita; 4minute-Crazy; Sistar-Touch My Body; Taeyang-Eyes, Nose, Lips; G-Dragon- Who You; Park Bom-Don’t Cry; Girl’s Generation- Mr.Taxi.”