Christine Joy Del Puerto | Contributing Writer

According to Helen Mirren, “You write your life story by the choices you make. You never know if they have been a mistake. Those moments of decision are difficult.” I have agreed to Helen Mirren’s quote of how our choices could have affected our life story.

How is life different today? Just making a decision is a very difficult to make. We will never know if our decision making is a mistake.  So, we have to keep searching for the right college that has a suitable tuition, distance, and a multi-cultural community. When I was choosing between Century College and Saint Catherine University, these three values helped me make a decision.

Tuition is one of the things which most college students notice before choosing a right college. To help a student choose, tuition may be either cheap or expensive to pay. At least there will be a chance to use the loans, scholarships, and grants to pay off the tuition.

For a community college like Century College, tuition is about $2,000 which can be easily paid for. My earnings will pay for a university that I will be choosing to transfer after two years.

As a student in Saint Catherine University, I would be taking out about $20,000 for the first year in college. I would have been thankful for the scholarships and grants that I have been rewarded which would have helped my tuition to decrease half of its amount.

At Saint Catherine, I would have to apply for student work on the weekdays just to pay off my tuition little by little. I also work in my full-time job on the weekend for pocket money. Tuition is only for the classes that I would be taking and it does not include the fee for the dormitory which is required for first year student.

Transportation is one of the things that college students look forward to. When the distance between home and college is far, you may have to be part of the dormitory which can connect to your tuition.

My only transportation for Century College is driving my father’s car. The college is very far. I am using my pocket money to pump gas in the car which last 4 days. I have to attend my classes on the weekdays. I am thankful that my classes start at noon so I will not have any conflict about traffic on the highway.

Saint Catherine University is very close. The University is at least a mile radius from home. I would be able to either walk to school or live in a dormitory which is required for first year college student.

Community is one of the important things that a college student would need since you would be able to socialized with other people by being multi-cultural. Being a part of the Century College community is great, which I have interacted with many students with multi-cultural and ages differences. I love learning about the community. I have joined a few clubs which give me more information about the school. Hearing about their life as a Century College student gives me an ease as multi-cultural student.

As a student in Saint Catherine University community, I would notice that the community is dominantly female. Some males are a part of the community but only in the classrooms. Being a part of the community inside and outside of school, the chance to meet multi-culture, learn how women’s roles have applied in the society, female students may learn more since it contains a high population of women in Saint Catherine University.

Choosing is was a hard choice to make between colleges like Century College and Saint Catherine University. Each has their own differences on tuition, transportation, and community.

As a student in Century College, which I have taken out less in loans to pay off my tuition compared to Saint Catherine University, whom may take out more loans. I am still awarded with scholarships and grants but would have to pay more in tuition.

The transportation for Century College is that I have to driven by car daily. Saint Catherine University, which I would have gone in dormitory and also would have walk home sometimes.

The community in Century College is very diverse by culture and ages due to a few clubs that have joined compare to Saint Catherine there is a high population of females where you can talk about women’s roles in society and culture.

As the quote mentions, I will never know if my choice was a mistake and whatever my choices are, it can affect my life story. I can only learn my fate when the events come forward.