Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Anonymous | Contributing Writer

I had decided to tell my family about what happened to me in the past as a child, but my mother rejected me.

As of now, she doesn’t speak to me. This was supposed to stay a secret but I decided to stand up for myself and let everyone know what I felt. I was sick and tired of always carrying this pain in my chest.

At age 7, during winter, the worst thing in my life happened to me. My grandmother was taking care of me when a predator decided to attack.

My life changed forever.

Nightmares started kicking in, and I spent sleepless nights crying. That was what most of my childhood years looked like.

Keeping a secret will not help anybody, it just makes things worse for children that have been sexually assaulted. According to the the definition of sexual assault is “any type of forced or coerced sexual contact or behavior that happens without consent.”

No human should ever go through this because it is the most hurtful thing you can go through. I want to inspire more people to speak up and say something. We all have the right to be heard.

An activity that I used to do in high school was boxing to relieve my pain. I loved that place. It was like a home to me. A home I never had because since age sixteen I was thrown out of the house for not wanting to go to church.

The truth was I did not want to see the person that had caused me so much damage. Despite all the hurtful things I had to face growing up, it has made me a stronger person. I want to make a change, not only with my life, but with other people that have gone through similar things as me.

One day I want to be able to open up an organization that can give hope and healing, but through a free fitness area so people can practice boxing. I have transformed myself by saying the truth and being rejected, but I have learned to love myself and accept myself for who I am.

Sometimes your own family can reject you for opening up to them, and this is why most people do not like talking about sexual assault. I was at the hospital on February 28, 2017, and a lady approached me by saying if I can look up her boyfriend in jail, which I thought this was an odd request.

As I kept on talking to this lady I found out she was in the emergency room because she was a heroin addict. Her hands were freezing cold, and her rehab counselors send her there for her own safety.

I decided to share with her how excited I was about being a Century College student participating in activities that had to do with sexual assault awareness, and my journey to becoming a Law enforcement student to help survivors.

This lady asked me why was I so passionate for helping others, and I told her because it was a personal thing. She then started telling me how the first time she smoked crack, it was with a guy that raped her while she was unconscious. Ever since then she became an addict to heroin to numb the pain.

I then proceeded to tell her things she can do to motivate herself when those thoughts come to her mind by thinking positive things and looking for things she can entertain herself with. For example: a hobby.

I am nobody to judge this woman. We all have different stories and we are the ones that decide what to do with our life. I decided to make a change in this world. If you see something say something, it can make a difference.