Sarah Knieff | Staff Writer

As the semester comes to an end, students here at Century College will be wrapping up another school year. For most, the year was filled with highs and lows. Successes and failures. The successes can build you up and make you feel ten feet tall. While the failures can make you feel useless and small. The trick however, is how to deal with these successes and failures, which will determine future acts.

Successes are amazing. When a school project that you have been working on for so long turns out in the end, or when a test that you have been studying all week for gets an A, this will make you feel on top of the world. All your hard work has paid off and that feels like power. Dealing with successes however, can be just as hard as dealing with failures.

When dealing with success, take pride in what you achieved. Let the feeling of power wash over you, and relax now that the work is done. However, don’t make others feel bad about themselves because of your win. It is always nice, telling people about achievements in your life, but going over board and rubbing it in, is not the way to go. Take the successes with gratitude and graciousness, not inconsiderateness and harsh words.

Failures on the other hand are tough. Writing a paper for your English class that you worked on for days and receiving a bad grade, or not nailing a job interview, can make you feel foolish. That nothing you do goes right, and that in the end there is no use even trying because it will all end in mistakes. However, this way of thinking is the true first mistake that you actually made.

Failure is just another opportunity to learn. When you fail at something, own up to it.

Say, “Yeah I failed, but I can always do better next time.”

Don’t let the heaviness of failure consume you and get you into a rut. Let it fuel your next move. Let it make you work harder than ever before. Let it get you where you want to be in life. You can take those failures and grow from them.

Wherever life takes you next fall, if it is back to studying, or at a new job, try and remember my few simple words when a success or failure comes along next time in your life. Whichever way you handle those highs and lows, remember that dreams are always worth going for. Don’t let a few failures or even successes stand in your way of achieving your goals.