Susmita Kunwor | Contributing Writer

According to Denis Waitley, “You are responsible for the eventual outcome of your life. You have been given the greatest power in the world – the power to choose.” If you make a decision related to your life, you are in charge of the end result. Whenever we are trying to make a decision we tend to overthink and are scared to fail. We have a tendency to make a comparison. We tend to question ourselves, “What if I fail? Is it the right decision?”

Before I came to college, I asked myself, “Are there any alternative ways?” I had to make a huge decision, which college I should go to. It was really difficult for me to make a decision. There were many options but I had to decide which college was right fit for me. I narrowed the options between Century College and the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD). Comparing the cost, location, and financial aid package led me to decide that Century College is a good fit to take my generals.

Century College was cheaper compared to UMD. Century College cost $13,646 per year which included tuition, room and board, books and supplies, and fees. If going to the UMD, I would have had to pay $20,917 per year. Had I not decided to attend to Century College, then I would have to take out loans and the tuition fees were high.

To pay off my loan I would have to look for a job which might have led me to keep off the track for my college assignments. I would have had less focus. I would have had been exhausted both from my work and college work. Since, I decided to attend to Century College I did not have to take loans and find a job. I can just focus on my college work and I do not have to worry about anything else.

The Century College location was the best fit for me. It was only 11 miles away from my house. If I decided to go UMD which was 136 miles away from my house, I would have had to pay for the dorm and I would not have saved any money. By staying in the Twin Cities, I am saving room and board money. If I decided to attend UMD, I would be homesick if I were to live on my own. I would have had to eat food on campus, which I might not even like since I am not used to it. If I were to miss my family, my parents would have had to drive back and forth which would have been a lot of work for them.

Century College offered me a better financial aid package compared to UMD. Century College offered me a scholarship called the Two-Year Occupational Pilot Grant. This grant would have covered any remaining tuition and general fee charges after a student’s Federal Pell Grant and Minnesota State Grant had been applied to the student’s account. If I had decided not to attend Century College, then I could not use this grant. I decided why not accept this grant for 2 years and then transfer to 4-year college to get my bachelor’s degree.

Century College was cheaper, located nearby, and I received a better financial aid package which led me to determine it was worthwhile for me to take my generals here. Century College was not expensive compared to other colleges which means I did not have to take a loan or find a job. Century College was nearby me which means I did not have to pay room & board. Century College provided me a financial aid package with several grants which meant I did not have to pay or take a loan and I could just focus on my studies. One should always make a decision which will benefit oneself and be best option.