Angelia Millender named New President of Century College

Vladimir Cruz | Editor-in-Chief

Chancellor Steve Rosenstone addresses the crowd.

Ker Moua | Lead Copy Editor

Ramon Varela | Photographer

After two long years, and extensive searches for a new president, Angelia Millender has been named the new President of Century College.

On March 22, Millender was officially announced as the new President. Dr. Carl Gerber president of Century College from 1968-1985 was one of the honorable guests among the crowd.

The ceremony began at 2pm with HR Director Mary Nienaber welcoming the crowd and thanking everyone who worked on the presidential search for their contributions. She compared the search as planning for a wedding where Century College is finally at the altar. Next, she opened up the podium to Chancellor Steve Rosenstone.

Chancellor Rosenstone starts with saying “Thank you Mary. As you were saying how much you’ve been waiting for this day, I’m sitting here looking at Pat… He’s been waiting for this day longer even more than we have,” as the audience enjoys a laugh.

With all jokes aside, Chancellor Rosenstone proceeds to thank President Dennis Bona from Northland Community and Technical College and everyone from the search advisory committee for helping with the presidential search.

Millender is then introduced by Cheryl Tefer, one of the Minnesota State Board of Trustees members.

Minnesota Board of Trustees, Cheryl Tefer, announces Angelia Millender as the new president.

Millender has an extensive resume. She has a bachelor’s degree from Chicago State University and a master’s degree from National Louis University (IL).

Millender is currently the President of Olive-Harvey College (IL). Some accomplishments from her time at Olive-Harvey are implementing strategies to improve graduation rates, improve student learning and student spaces, secured two grants from the Department of Education, and acquire equipment and scholarships from industry partnerships.

Millender was also the district vice president of for student affairs and enrollment Broward College (FL); the campus operations officer/dean of student development and external affairs in Berkeley College (NY); the vice president of student services, dean of student services, director of career planning and placement, and faculty member of Robert Morris University (PA).

Just to get a taste of how interactive new President Millender is, she explains that she’d rather walk among the people who attended the event. “because I like to speak among people, and not at them, so that you can feel my passion.” She adds.

“I am not coming to Century to change you, but to enhance you, with value added and my experience, which is vast… I am not the leader of you. I am the president with you, and we have to figure it out. What does that look like? We don’t bring problems, we bring solutions,” Millender describes.

Angelia Millender speaks amongst the audience.

Millender emphasizes that, “we are more alike than different… no matter whether we look alike, no matter whether we think alike, everyone’s opinion and value added expertise matters.”

Millender also enforces everyone, including students, to not “sit in the back of the room and say my opinion and my thought don’t matter. Yes, they do, but you have to give them.” She is all ears, and wants everyone at Century College to be strong as a whole.

Millender concludes with, “I look forward to talking with you again and hanging out with you while we eat cake, and celebrate the possibilities and opportunities not for today, but so many many years to come for our students.”

Millender is set to replace Interim President Opatz on July 1st. So, she empathizes that no one email her until then as Opatz is still president. Opatz is sure to go on to do more great things as he returns to his former position as the chief financial officer of Century College.

Farewell, Interim President Opatz!