Rolando Mero | Contributing Poet


The eyes are the connection to the soul.

I looked at her for the first time

Captivated by her beauty.


Every step she takes is with elegance

When her eyes first looked at me

I froze in awe;

To the beauty and shimmer of her stare.


Her eyes pierced my heart,

To imagine of what could be;

To know her.


I would imagine it to be like an angel

Spreading its wings

Flying high into the heavens,

Looking upon the world.


With such splendor.


I would hold her next to me

Never let go.


I would fascinate her with my mind

Showing her the strength;

Of my heart,

And the love I have for her,

Never to falter

And lack love

Like the first day we met,

It would be just like that.