Tanita Cronk | Creative Writing Coordinator


Are you looking for someone to debate the pros and cons of the dark side of the force with? Want to learn more about the Spanish language and culture? Or maybe you’re looking to get your foot in the door with student politics or just up for meeting some new and interesting people while broadening your horizons. Century has plenty of options for all of it. To help you narrow down your choices, and to help out groups that are looking for members, The Century Times has begun this unique new feature with a special place to help you out by posting groups and clubs on campus looking for new members. Each issue The Century Times will post groups looking to add to their groups, looking for form and even some with paying positions available. Listed below are a few groups that have contacted us asking for help in filling out their ranks.


Star Wars Club:


Weekly meetings with food and monthly events that will include a custom lightsaber discussion board, a language lesson in Huttese or Mando’a, and at the end of the semester a possible trip to see “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” in theaters! Fundraising will also be done throughout the semester.


Where: In the Nest

When: Thursday 9am-11am

Contact: Casey Kulemeier legosrawesom@gmail.com


Spanish Club


The purpose is to provide a direct insight in the Hispanic/Latino language and culture and to introduce people to different cultures. This is done by exposing people to different customs such as food, dance and holidays. At the same time the Spanish club provides a friendly environment for students to make new friends and contacts while learning the Spanish language. The Spanish is seeking leadership members such as a Vice President, President, Treasurer, Events Coordinator, Communications and Marketing, and Secretary.


Where: Room W1180

When: Friday 2:30p-3:30p

Contact: Liliana Weber Liliana.weber@century.edu or Xiomara Dominguez ov5180xz@my.century.edu


Student Senate


The Student Senate helps to build leadership skills, good citizenship, and communication between students, admiration, faculty, and community. They look to represent all students at Century College; particularly, acting as an advocate between the administration and the student body serving as a voice for all students.


Where: Student Life Center W1210

Contact: student.senate@century.edu


Native American Student Support


This group looks to give indigenous students a voice on campus by: encouraging and helping with the navigation of the educational experience, support and connection with other students, advocacy, help connecting to on campus resources and helping to introduce others to cultures and traditions in a friendly and safe environment on campus.

Contact: Tanita Cronk lu8478fi@my.century.edu


To add your group to our growing list, send your group name, mission statement, meeting details and contact information to Thecenturytimes@century.edu