Aaron Tweden | Staff Writer

Busy Bees provides Century students with child care needs while they take time to go take their classes.

It is a separate entity from the Century College, but it is operated out of the Century campus. Per the law, it had to cease operation immediately until they can get their license reinstated in good standing.

Busy Bees Child Care Center has had its child care license revoked on Oct. 13, 2017.

On Aug. 3, 2017, Busy Bees was put on a conditional license which means, any more violations would result in further sanctions. These violations include unable to prove that a staff member had adequate medical training at all times of the day, too many children per staff member, and letting a staff member work before finishing orientation training.

A lot of the violations were repeat violations for incompliance with Minnesota law and statutes.

Busy Bees lost their license because of delinquent taxes. Under statute 270C.72, the state must revoke a license if the business is found to have more than $500 in taxes or other penalties owed.

Busy Bees lost their license, they can call for a hearing to appeal the decision. In the meantime, there are other child care centers around and people at the Student Resource and Support Center to help you transition as smoothly as possible.

If you were affected by the closure of Busy Bees, the Student Resource and Support Center at W1490 are handing out documents to help parents manage school and kids or call 651-747-4098.

They are handing out emergency money forms, long term money forms, and information about nearby child care centers. They will even help you fill out the forms required to get the help you need to stay in school and make sure your kids are taken care of.