Greg Walters | Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Oct. 25, celebrated author Lesley Nneka Arimah will visit Century College to introduce her brilliant compilation of short stories, “What It Means When a Man Falls from the Sky.” This book has been selected for some English Comp I classes that are in session this semester at Century College. The day will include readings, Q&A sessions with students, book signings, and a chance to have a coffee in the Nest.

A schedule of events are as follows:

  • A 1:30 p.m. Reading and Q&A with students, followed by a coffee and book signing in The Nest on Century’s west campus.
  • A 7:30 p.m. Reading and Q&A, followed by a book signing and reception in the Lincoln Mall on Century’s east campus.
  • Both events are free and open to the public.

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet an amazingly gifted author, and to hear a voice so strong and wise. To miss it would truly be a loss.

Several of the stories that appear in this book have already won very prestigious awards: 2015 African Commonwealth Short Story Prize, the 2016 Caine Prize, and a finalist for the National Magazine Award for her first story, which appeared in the New Yorker.

Arimah has brought storytelling to a new height, with her articulate and intensely keen perspective of women’s experiences, perfectly timed wit, and a delicious sense for irony. “Arimah’s stories are intense, mesmeric, and nothing short of stunning,” says Claire Vaye Watkins, author of Battleborn and Gold Fame Citrus.

The journey that brought Arimah to live in Minneapolis can offer insights to the stories she tells. She emigrated from Nigeria to Louisiana at the age of thirteen, which proved to be a disorienting transition, leaving her feeling at best, an awkward teen in a strange land. These mixed feelings of disconnect and wonder gave testament to the complexities of all her characters, and gives them a unique and powerful authenticity.

In the next issue, student reactions of the book will be included. It will be exciting to see the reactions to this book, and you will not want to miss this chance for a great read.