Amro Abu Yosef | Contributing Writer

I had the power to choose between studying in my country Jordan or coming to the United States of America. “It is a luxury to be able to choose what you do,” according to a Peruvian photographer, Mario Testino. I made my decision after thinking for a long time, because that choice would decide how my life would go.

It was hard to choose between staying with friends and family or going to live somewhere else alone. Whatever I chose, it would be the best for my future. The differences between the United States and Jordan affected my choice like family, friends, education, and job opportunity.

When I think about it, the first thing came up to my mind is my family. I am in the United States, away from my family. I miss my mom’s food, my dad’s bad jokes, and I even miss playing with my younger sister. I also miss my dad yelling at me to leave the phone and come to sit with them, or even my mom’s words when she wants something.

Now I have to wait at least a year to see them again. If I stayed in Jordan, I would be with my family right now drinking tea with them and laughing about things that happened to us and I would not be missing my mom’s food. My family means everything to me and I hope that I will see them soon.

My friends played a big part on my decision because I spent most of my time with them. We used to play cards together while we are smoking hookah. If we decided to do something different, we would hang out in the car or go on rides around the city while we are playing music at the highest volume. It was great being with them.

My friends are like a family to me, they know things my parents do not know it. That is what makes our friendship special and different than other friendships. Right now, I am in the United States without them. I will see them after a couple of years. I will never have friends like them here.

It is hard to find good friends these days in the whole world. Spending my time alone without having them around is boring because I used to enjoy my time with them. Making that decision was hard. I knew that I will be far, but in a situation like this you should let your brain judge and not your heart, because emotions always choose the wrong decision.

When I think about what is best for my education and my job opportunity, I directly choose the United States because I know that is the best at education. I am aware that Jordan would been better because I know people over there, but by choosing the United States I know that I made the right decision by coming over here. It is a country with strong education and it will give me more chances to find a job when I am done.

If I went to study in Jordan, I would get a job but not as fast or as good as the one I would get when I am graduated from the United States. Also Jordan is a strong country if we are talking about education but the United States of America is much better. The education in Jordan is hard and you go to school every day and they teach you in Arabic so you would not get the chance to learn English. Here, I study in English which people use more these days. For now, I am here studying in the strongest country.

When it comes to your future, you have to balance a lot of things like family, friends, education, and job opportunities. If I have a degree from the United States, it will let companies pay me more because it is a good degree from a great country. I will miss my family. I will see my friends again and we will get together again.

I am sure that I made the right decision for my future as a student and as an employee. Sacrifice is part of our life. “There is no decision that we can make that does not come with some sort of balance and sacrifice,” according to Simon Sinek, a motivational speaker. The first step is always hard but I know that it is the right choice.

I am here to make my family proud and to get a better life because I deserve it. I miss Jordan and I miss being in it but at the same time I am happy because I made my choice using my brain, not my heart and emotions.