Tony Harringer | Staff Writer

An exciting photo exhibit is coming to Century College to highlight veterans that attend the college. Led by Veterans Services Coordinator, Shannon Kasperson, a collection of photos will be on display outside the Student Life Office by the Nest from Monday, Nov. 6, until Friday, Nov. 10.

The photos will be of Kasperson’s students in an effort to show people that veterans are not any different than other people. She says, “When I first took this job, I had a pretty narrow idea of what someone in the military was. And I think that is a common theme when we work with people outside of who we are.” She describes that often people in the military are generalized to what we think they like and what they do with their free time.

That is what this exhibit is all about. We get to see a side to veterans that we don’t normally get to see. We get to see that they do normal things and have hobbies just like the rest of us. And sometimes we find out that what their hobbies are or what they like to do for fun is surprising and interesting.

“It is this idea that we think we know who people are, and you have to break through the stereotypes and preconceived notions. You have to figure out who people really are. And then you realize that they are not that different from you. There’s a lot of things we have in common too that we don’t know unless we look deeper.”

Kasperson says her goal and hope is to bring a larger sense of education to our community about who her students are and what they are. To shine light on what they like to do, their beliefs, and just to showcase that you cannot peg them.

The exhibit also shows how much it means to Kasperson: “It’s been very valuable to me, it’s a big learning experience that I’m really lucky to have.”

Photo image courtesy of Shannon Kasperson
Photo image courtesy of Shannon Kasperson