Iris Montaño | Contributing Writer

Studying in the United States has been the dream of many people around the world and a lot of them have achieved this privilege. As evidence of it, there are a large number of international students admitted and enrolled at Century College. In order to be admitted, international students have to comply with a series of suitable economic and legal requirements.

It would be interesting to know why at Century College, there are not many job opportunities available for them. These experiences would improve their English language skills and help them earn money to finance their education.

One of the primary reasons that positions available for international student employment on campus should be considered is because they provide English language skills through the relationship with other students at the college community. Exploring new cultures is part of the learning process. Also, this job would create a good reference for future employment and would contribute socially and professionally to the integral development of the students.

According to an article written for the international journal of “Higher Education,” the authors, Mark Sherry, Peter Thomas, and Wing Hong Chui writes, “One of the most common suggestions they made was for a more formalized process of social interaction with American students which would enable them to acquire English language skills, including knowledge of slang, in a more relaxed environment.” In other words, it will be a great experience to develop the language and a great influence on academic success.

An example is the Venezuelan students abroad. The government of Nicolás Maduro has completely abandoned them. It has been more than three years and the government has not liquidated the Venezuelan currency in order to be able to maintain itself. Similar situations can be found for students from Asia, Africa, Central, and South America.

For international students at Century College, many of them have turned to sponsors, organizations, and associations to cope with the economic stress that adds to the uprooting, insertion into a different culture, learning the language, and change in their lifestyle before the immense desire to acquire their profession.

International student employment on campus could contribute emotionally and financially. This experience helps students earn money and finance their education while reducing the expenses of the sponsor with the personal expenses of the students.

International student employment is often discussed because the F-1 Visa is only for educational purposes. Students must prove that they are completely prepared to cover their living and study expenses while they continue to study in the United States, as legal employment opportunities will be limited.

According to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website, the government applies restrictions on employment options for holders of F-1 Visas, and students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week on campus when they are studying.  They are allowed to work off campus under extreme economic conditions caused by inconveniences that have transcended beyond their control. To do this, they have to demonstrate to their designated school official of their financial hardship and then the authorization would be issued by USCIS.

Because this is the law and the laws are severe, there is a great appeal to university authorities to have international student employment on campus. Although there are multiple benefits for foreign students to have a job, it can be shown that employment opportunities for international students at Century College are limited.

So it can be considered that their voices may have been partially ignored or completely unknown probably for believing the old paradigm that just studying abroad is for the children of wealthy people. How interesting it would be to think that some international students have exceeded their economic and mental limits that led them to become the first of their family having experience abroad.

In conclusion, one suggestion may need to be considered. Although international students are grateful to Century College for the opportunity to be admitted and incorporated in their annual budget, they would suggest increasing the percentage of employment opportunities on campus.

It is believed that in relation to other students, they have some disadvantages. First, they cannot opt for the financial aid offered by the Institution. Second, they are not allowed to work off campus because it is a limitation for foreign students. Increasing the budget in which the number of international students can provide services in the field would give them more opportunities to enrich the student community while developing their language skills, job skills, and economic constraints.