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Apartment along the Riverwalk in Chicago
Photo Credit: Sarah Knieff

Have you ever wanted that big city lifestyle, but were too afraid of the unknown? Perhaps you are moving to a big city after graduation and your time here at Century College is to pursue a dream or career.

Well after my many years of traveling to big urban cities, even while living in a small town surrounded by nothing but cornfields and chickens, I have picked up tips to surviving the hectic lifestyle that comes alongside living in a big city. Take these into consideration when planning the next big step in your life.

Tips for surviving a big city:

  1. Use public transportation: Traffic is crazy in a big city. Take public transportation as much as possible. This eliminates the stress of zig zagging throughout the taxis, buses, and other cars. Public transportation such as the “L” in Chicago is cheap, easy, and gets you where you have to go fast.

    Chicago Views
    Photo Credit: Sarah Knieff
  1. Know where you are going: Trying to get around a big city can be overwhelming and stressful. For this I suggest being prepared for the day ahead of you. If you are going somewhere new, make sure that you know where it is and how to get there on time. Take a few extra moments the night or morning before and figure the plan for the next day. This will alleviate any worrisome thoughts.
  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions: The locals know what they are doing. They have been there longer than you and that makes them experts in all things city life. If you have a question that the internet can’t solve, don’t be afraid to ask.
  1. Leave early: Living in a big city will make you perpetually late, if you don’t leave earlier than expected. Using public transportation, taxis, and Ubers are the way to go, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be traffic. In big cities, there is traffic pretty much twenty-four- seven, so leaving early will allow time for this.

    Chicago Skyline
    Photo Credit: Sarah Knieff
  1. Make a budget: Know what you want to spend your money on and how much you have. When traveling or even moving to a brand-new city, it can be fun to spend money on things you have never seen before, but making sure you have money for necessities is just as important. Keeping a budget will help you stay on track. Your bank account will thank you.

Stay safe: Be aware of your surroundings. Being accustomed to living in the city is great, but don’t let your guard down. Avoid areas that are away from the public and be extra careful during the night hours to stay safe.

The Bean in Chicago
Photo Credit: Sarah Knieff