Angel Rangel Chavez | Contributing Writer

Why are the most important and relevant goals the hardest to achieve? These goals are harder because they take dedication to improve skills, patience to not give up in rough times, and self-discipline to achieve them. Otherwise, they may be very common in life and people with little effort would succeed very easily. The satisfaction of achieving our goals is greater than the stress we suffer on the road. Although some people think getting a degree is very hard due to expenses, graduates have more benefits such as money, job opportunities, job satisfaction, and there are many jobs available to them.

To begin with, people who graduate from higher education have more advantages. One of them is they will earn more money because they have studied. Also, they have been prepared in a specific major which they can work on rather than going to any job available and learning while working.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a registered nurse’s salary is $67,490 per year. This salary might cover all the expenses of the person such as bills, groceries, etc. On the other hand, people who did not go to college might be working in jobs that do not require a degree with a minimum wage. While they work, they have to be taught how to do the job because they did not have the skills yet to do the work by themselves at the beginning, so they are more likely to be working in basic job tasks for longer time.

However, if they earned a degree, for example in nursing, they probably started in basic job tasks and then they will be promoted quickly with better wages every time they get promoted. Another benefit is they will have more employment benefits such as insurance and retirement plans. Additionally, because they have an important position in the company, they will have a retirement plan which will help them in their future.

Going back to the example, the people without a degree working in the basic tasks will not have full insurance because their salary is low, and they will not have a retirement plan since they probably work temporary. Unlike people with a degree, they would have insurance that can be expensive and inappropriate for them.

A further advantage is the satisfaction with their work. Young adults might see their careers as a part of their lives, so they choose a major with caution because they know they are going to work in that career for most part of their life. To finalize the example, the people without a degree will be stressed and tired of their job because it is their only choice. They do not have other developed skills. However, if they have a degree, they would enjoy their job because that is the reason they are working in that particular job.

People with degrees have more opportunities available for their careers and other jobs that require the skills. College graduates are more skilled and have more knowledge, so they are more likely to get a job faster. For instance, companies prefer people with degrees in their resumes rather than only a high school diploma. This is because a high school diploma is not enough to meet the expectations of the companies. Lately, there has been an increment of students who graduate from college or other private universities, so this makes it harder for the people with no degree to get a decent job.

Additionally, college gives more than a major. College helps people to think with logic and analyze complex subjects which can be hard if the person does not have developed skills. As an example, some jobs require more than one language and many people are from other parts of the world, so they develop their inner skill to help others while they do their job. This is exciting because college students develop their skills at a certain level that helps them achieve their goals and get their desired jobs. Besides, people who went to post-secondary education joined clubs for their future benefits. Some of these clubs help students get jobs more efficiently when the interviewer reviews their resume. What I mean by this is these clubs put your name on the top list of the interview because the clubs can give recommendations for you.

However, some opposers may say that college is a waste of money and time because college students get into debt. Steven Rose, a labor economist, points out, “Education costs are out of control and debts are extremely burdensome, which stops many from attending college.” Young adults ask the government and other organizations for loans to keep studying, so the students have to pay later with interest which is a disadvantage if they do not finish. Also, some students find college difficult for them, so they just simply quit college and find a job which could be the one they did not expect for them.

This argument serves to point out that there are scholarships for students in college to pay their finances and do not ask for loans to avoid getting into debt. The scholarships for African Americans or Hispanics can start at $500 or more depending on the student’s condition and grades. In addition to this, colleges offer tutors to help students who are having a hard time in college, and those students can get their grades up. There are also advisors who help the students develop their skills and make future courses easier.

In conclusion, post-secondary students who finished their career will have better salary, better job opportunities, and they will be happier than those who did not earn a degree because they enjoy their job. Plus, college graduates are more skilled and they have more doors open due to the connections they made in college. Even though some people argue that trying to obtain a degree is a waste of money and time, in my own opinion, college is the most important goal that every person should have to achieve and be successful in their live.