Ross Kropacz | Staff Writer and Photographer

As I strolled through the dimly light hall of Century on the night of all hallows eve. I found myself walking with ghosts, goblins, past witches, and monsters of all sorts.

A strange guide
Photo Credit: Ross Kropacz

It was then, that I found in front of me, a man with the head of a chicken. Uncrossing his arms, he pointed me to the Nest. Where I found, the gathering was in full bloom. The smell of food drew me in only to find that this was not the only thing to see.

Nate Lottsfeldt, a Century student mentions, “Halloween is the only time we can have a party with a goblin and super man at the same time.”

The Halloween party at Century this year was fantastic; delicious food from spaghetti to candy, activities from pumpkin painting, live portrait art, live music, and the game “Clue” played in real life. The game was played with sixteen players. Each were given a character, and one was the murderer. Working as a team, the sixteen had to try and find the killer while one of them was doing everything not to get caught. But of course, the stars of the show were the costumes. From witches to chicken headed man, the costumes wear fantastic.

“It was the most fun I have had on Halloween since I was seven,” Century student, Dominic Rulli, states.

Photo Credit: Ross Kropacz

The anime club also had a hallowed special. Sadly, I was to late to catch it, but I hear it was very spooky. In all, it was a night of fun and games that was well worth the time spent.

If you did not get to go this year, I’d try and make it next year. It’s free, if you are a student and a dollar, if you aren’t. So, if you’re like me and love all things scary, give it a try next year.

A special thank you to the staff for all their hard work. They did an amazing job making everything look wonderful and handling the crowd.

The Pumpkin King. Art, an artist but of what?
Photo Credit: Ross Kropacz
Photo Credit: Ross Kropacz