Magdy Azer | Contributing Writer

Why is college very important for a successful career? How can you get the best job opportunities? Do you want to earn a high income and better benefits for your job? All these questions show potential reasons to go to college which is a huge investment with national and international prestige. A higher education degree is perceived as extremely necessary to get a better job.

Every person is challenged in the race of life. Many people are successful in business and get a higher income with a college degree. Even though there are some people who succeed without a college degree, having a degree gives a person the best job opportunities and a higher income.

A college degree is essential to get the best job opportunities. A college education is a great tool for people to enhance themselves. Due to the saturated labor market conditions, many employees require applicants to have a college education. In addition, college offers flexibility in work; this flexibility often gives a person the ability to choose a company or career path.

The various skills acquired in college help many people after their graduation. For instance, a doctor, accountant, or engineer can start securing a job in various companies after they graduate. Others choose to start private businesses and become very famous in their field. A degree is relevant for success because it provides job opportunities and maintains financial stability.

A degree offers higher income and better wages. People with a degree tend to get paid more than those who only have a high school diploma. According to the Jan. 2015 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, “Median weekly earnings of full-time wage and salary workers age 25 and older with less than a high school diploma were $488 in 2014. The median for workers with a high school diploma only (no college) was $668 per week, and the median for those with at least a bachelor’s degree was $1,193 per week.”

A high income provides financial security, helps people to cope with life, and makes their future bright.  In addition, a college degree gives employees the support to aspire to management positions with any company with maybe more income. Unskilled employees will stay in the same position or move to another department without upgrading. Thus, they may not be offered full time positions with better benefit packages. Positions are based on employment motivation, equality of work, and the ability to get along with others that have a degree.

On the other hand, some people succeed without a college degree. Getting a degree can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. There is no guarantee of success. According to “Trends in Higher Education,” if you are going to study in a public university, the tuition for only one year in 2016-17 will be $20,090. If you want to study in a private university, the tuition will be $45,370. It is a pretty risky investment when you might not get a good job.

Many business people decide to start their own businesses without a college education. Actually, today there are plenty of people who obtain a college degree but cannot find work. Society needs people to fill all kinds of roles. People who might not be able to afford going to college nor have any interest in going to college do the things they love even without the aid of an education.

Despite the fact that college educated people are unlikely to be unemployed, having a degree is not just about economic advantages. People with college degrees have more feeling of being enthusiastic and satisfied with their job. Furthermore, they have more opportunities to lead their children, which assists their children to get higher grades in school than other kids. There are some people who insist on getting a college degree and others prefer to be successful without a college degree.

A college degree gives a person the best job opportunities and a higher income. Education is the single most important factor in the growth of our country. Attaining a college degree is the fruit of hard work and self-fulfillment that has a future and provides opportunities for people. College education helps people to start in their field with high income. On one hand, some people succeed without a college degree, but on the other hand, having a degree gives a person the best opportunities, offers higher income, and better wages. College education leads to a better life and greater understanding of society. It also makes a person feel accomplished.