Jada Johnsn | Staff Writer

Studying abroad is starting to become one of the staples of attending a college or university in America. Whether just to travel to a new place to share in some fun with classmates or to learn more about the world one culture at a time, studying abroad is a common way for students to expand their horizons. Because of this, programs for students in colleges such as ours have been growing. It is becoming easier and cheaper to study abroad.

With this knowledge of studying abroad, it is easy to question why Century doesn’t have a program for it. That’s right; as you may or may not know, Century College currently has no studying abroad program. If studying abroad is something you would like to do, Century can help you transfer to a university that offers it, but can’t provide you with any services if you choose to stay with Century.

So, why no program? There’s no doubt that there would be plenty of willing students to participate in the program if we did have one, and we’ve probably all heard stories about the opportunities studying abroad has opened for students who have had the experience. The simple truth is that there are hoops to jump through to receive a program, and studying abroad was not a big enough focus for Century administrators in the past to convince them to go through with creating a program.

Thankfully, there is hope for the future. As more and more students express interest in traveling the world, talk of creating a program here at Century is picking up among both students and staff. It will take a bit of time to develop a program, but there are things all students can do in the meantime to prepare and push the program along. For one, you can talk to our administrators about your interest in studying abroad. Your words are important!

If you just can’t wait, you can speak to a counselor about transferring to a university that already offers the program, or start working towards a Global Studies Certificate that is offered here at Century to serve as your cultural exploration at home. Happy traveling!