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Image Courtesy of Dario Paredes Alvarado

Former Century student and performing arts major, Dario Paredes Alvarado, also known as “Rocky,” accomplished a lot during his time here at Century College. Through extraneous work and dedication, Paredes did not disappoint. This is how he landed the lead role as “Rocky” in “The Rocky Horror Show.”

Century College’s Theatre delighted our town with one of the most iconic and comical American musicals of all times, “The Rocky Horror Show.”

The show was directed and produced by Paul Aberasturi, who opened the auditions to the public bringing many talented actors from all over the Twin Cities and Century College. Around two hundred talented actors showed up to the auditions.

Century College Alumni, Paredes, auditioned for a role to dance and act as part of a group, disregarding the chances to get picked as one of the lead characters. During the audition process, Paredes proved to have the triple threat (acting, singing, and dancing) that the casting committee were looking for one of their lead roles.

Paredes describes that, “the casting process was very exciting, but I stayed opened minded for whatever the director’s decision might had been. That’s the drill; sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t.”

It took about a week of hard work, and a series of auditions to select the final cast composed by twenty-seven actors, six leads, and twenty-one ensembles with no understudies.

Paredes was cast as Rocky, one of principal characters.

Image Courtesy of Dario Paredes Alvarado

“I was very happy and honored after I found out I had been picked to play Rocky. This was the first musical I had auditioned for and didn’t know much about the show,” Paredes states.

The rehearsal process tested the cast members with long hours of hard work. The actors received voice training, dance lessons, and some acting sessions by the professional instructors and company members.

Some actors went through some cosmetic changes. Paredes had to go through some changes to bring the scripted character to life. He underwent a strict diet and hours of intense gym to achieve the healthy, tone, and muscular body that distinguishes Rocky.

After three months of preparation and rehearsal, the company was ready to open the show. “The Rocky Horror Show” opened to the public on April 22, 2016 and made hundreds of patrons laugh with its surreal comedy.

The hysterical and nonsense humor of the show brought many people together for an affordable cost. At the same time, the company members shared a very unique experience they would remember forever.

Paredes emphasizes that, “The Rocky Horror Show is one of the most exciting production I have been part of. I learned so much from my theatre mates and the whole experience was very valuable to me. I would like to give very special thanks to my director and coach, Paul Aberasturi for his unconditional support and to the cast and crew, who I keep close to my heart.”

Image Courtesy of Dario Paredes Alvarado
Image Courtesy of Dario Paredes Alvarado