Gi Ly Po | Contributing Writer

Every person who immigrated from another country can always compare the difference between the country they are from and the state they are living in. I had migrated from a Thailand refugee camp, and I am now living in Minnesota. Each place has different lifestyles.

Since I am adapting to live in Minnesota, I notice that there are many differences between life in a Thailand refugee camp and life in Minnesota in terms of gender roles, housing, and job opportunities.

First, the gender role is a big difference between a Minnesota and the people in Thailand refugee camp. Gender role means the public image of being a particular gender that a person presents to others. In the Thailand refugee camp, girls and boys go to school, and help out their parents, depending on their gender. Women stay home to take care of their children, prepare meals, and clean the house. Girls come home and help out their moms just like women after they come back from school. Men go out to hunt and find food for their family along with their sons after their son come back from school.

Men are a big financial solver in their families. For example, men make money to support their family. They work and earn money for their family. On the other hand, Minnesota men and women work at the same level without dividing their gender role. Children are also treated the same without being divided because of their gender. Old people retire when they don’t want to work anymore. People take care of them and some of them live away from their children.

The second difference between Minnesota and Thailand refugee camp is housing. Housing in Thailand refugee camp is different. Most of the buildings are the same such as houses and the movie theater. Both schools and hospitals look the same, and both are made out of bamboo and hard leaves. Houses in Thailand are made out of bamboo and long hard leaves on houses to covers houses.

Furthermore, in Thailand refugee camp, there is no electricity at all so people cannot rely on technology. People cannot use air condition to cool down their house. People use rugs to sleep on, and they also use mosquitos net to avoid mosquitos. However, in Minnesota you cannot have a place to live in if you didn’t rent or buy a house. Houses in Minnesota are made out of cement, wood, and many other strong material like metal, rock, and glass to keep the house air proof. Housing can be a house, condo, duplex, apartment, school, and many other more. And electricity helps us to light up our living space, cook, heat, and cool down our living space with air conditioners.

Lastly, job opportunities in Minnesota and Thailand refugee camp are different.  Minnesota is a place where many jobs such as financial services, customer service, healthcare, marketing, social services, technicians, warehouse, engineering, accounting, business, education, construction, and many other career opportunities are available. Payments can come from the government and backgrounds are checked before starting to work. Jobs in Minnesota are all about ideas, and being able to handle skills like writing, reading, and typing. People have to carry heavy work when they do labor work. There is labor work, but people usually work inside a building unless it is construction work.

Compared to Thailand refugee camp, people do not work on Sundays if they are Christian. Education, hospitality, and water cleaner are the main jobs available in Thailand refugee camp. Making uniforms and traditional clothes are also businesses. People get paid from the owner of the business, and the villager leader controls us. There is no background check to work. People cannot rest or quit their job because they do not have anything for everyday life. It is hard to earn money.

In summary, Thailand refugee camp and Minnesota are totally different places. Both Thailand refugee camp and Minnesota are good places, but both places have different lifestyles. The lifestyle in Thailand refugee camp and Minnesota are different because of people responsibility, homes, and works. Every place has a different lifestyle. Minnesota and Thailand refugee camp are the only place that I have live in and know more about its lifestyle. Minnesota has a better lifestyle.