Htoo Ku Wah | Contributing Writer

A quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. says, “Success is not the position where you are standing, but which direction you are going.” When people think of success, most people would also think of education. Successful people are everywhere, and all of them have gone through struggles at some point. There are also people that define success differently because these people do not dream big enough to have a willingness to go through obstacles in their lives in order to be successful.

There is a career that some people do not want to achieve, which is being a teacher. On the other hand, there are a lot of people that want to be a teacher and these people are willing to go to college for their degrees. These people have to get at least a bachelor’s degree to be a teacher, and some people even get a master’s degree. Even though teachers work hard for not a lot of money and have to go through a lot of obstacles as they prepare for it, the rewards are happiness and flexibility.

Being a teacher brings happiness to life. Teachers get to meet new people and these new people teach teachers about the beauties in others. Teachers also learn about the different backgrounds of their students, which make them have better relationships. Teachers feel very special when students choose them as the ones who they will open up to and let down their guard. Knowing that they are the ones who their students have to rely on and that they are the students’ source of strength and inspiration makes them feel so happy.

Besides their students, teachers also build their relationships with their students’ parents, their colleagues, and school staffs. Teachers are always touched by the friendships they make because these people would sometimes invite them to the weddings, graduations, and a lot more of special occasions in their lives. Writer Kira Newman, says, “Happiness strengthens people’s immune systems.”

A teacher is a very flexible profession. No other profession receives time off nearly every month. The days and weeks off throughout the school year are fantastic. Teachers always have time for their families. They would spend time with their loved ones mostly during weekends. Teachers often have a nice sleep because they can manage it more easily than other professions.

Spring break, summer break, and winter break are the breaks they get when their students get them.  Teachers love summer break because they have the entire summer off work and it is the longest break ever comparing to other breaks. There are substitutes that can take teachers’ shifts. For instance, if an elementary teacher is sick, there will be a substitute that replaces the teacher.  We all want time off in life, so there is no difference for the teachers too.

The opponents of this profession might say that being a teacher does not get paid very well, and students sometimes bring a lot of dramas. Also, people have to get at least a bachelor’s degree in order to be a teacher, and some people waste their money because they never graduate. These arguments have some merits. However, if this profession is really a person’s passion, there is nothing that can bring this person down while preparing for it or when this person gets to be a teacher.

Being a teacher might not get paid well, but it is not the end of this person’s life when this person gets paid anyway. According to Candace Hackett Shively, a teacher who wrote, “Grow creativity! Focusing on fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration skills gives teachers and students an effective shortcut to developing creativity together,” there are dramas in life that we all deal with, so it does not matter for a teacher also. When people have a passion to do something, there is no way they would waste their time and money while going to college. Even though there are some struggles while preparing for this profession and some negatives when being a teacher, the rewards are really worthy for these passionate people.

In conclusion, although some people might say that the profession of being a teacher is unworthy due to so many reasons, it brings positive feelings and gives a lot of time outside of work to people. Teachers gain wonderful experiences with people they meet. Teachers have time for themselves to do anything they like outside of school. Some people might see the negatives in this profession, but there are a lot of people that know and value this profession. To people who are passionate about this profession, a suggestion is to dream big enough to see your path clearly and follow it without doubts.