Ker Moua | Lead Copy Editor


Spring comes near and one little antsy devil cannot wait. For TCT’s Medallion has vanished once again! Help The Century Times find our lost medallion and receive a fitting reward!

A preview of some of the rewards. A special thanks to Century College Foundation, Subway, and Donatelli’s for their generous donations.

The TCT Medallion Hunt Rules:

Must be a Century College Student

Faculty members are exempt from finding the medallion.

No destruction of school property is allowed.

The medallion can be located on either campus.

Clues will be released at noon each day at our Facebook and until the Medallion is found.

The Medallion must be brought to the TCT Office room W1340 and handed to a TCT staff member.

The reward may not be given at the time of delivery but you will receive your reward.

And the search begins!


The Medallion Clue # 1


Come along fellow friends

Father Winter is fickle

For he is merciful some days

And cruel the next


But Winter’s time is numbered

Though, our little medallion thinks it naught

Impatient, is he

To explore the wonders of the world


For he has run off again

To be amongst fellows

He hides once again

Aid us in our search for the little one


In the warmth of an abode

Over the freezing snow

Toss those hats and gloves

Our little medallion is wary of cold


Come noon of the next

Check our Facebook for clues

Our medallion might slip up or two

And a reward, yours to keep