Tony Harringer | Senior Staff

Over the 50 wonderful years that Century College has been here, there has been plenty of sports opportunity and history with the school’s existence in White Bear.

Lakewood Lancers
1979 Basketball

Before Century College, it was called Lakewood State Junior College, and the sports teams were called the Lancers. Now, with the change of the college’s name, the school’s sports teams are now called the Wood Ducks.

Lakewood Lancers
1979 Women’s Basketball

Since the college’s opening in 1967, the college has offered football, baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis, basketball, and soccer. The intramurals option also included ice hockey and basketball. For basketball, it was offered for both men and women.

Basketball at Lakewood/Century College was a popular sport. Despite there not being a lot of success, students had a lot of fun when it was available, until it was discontinued in the 1980s.

Football at the college was very popular at the school as well. Just like basketball, they did not have a whole lot of success over the time that it was available. Still, many students had fun playing it and enjoyed the opportunity to while it was an option.

Tennis was a great sport for the college. It was only available for women and they were really good teams. In 1980, Lakewood became the state champs, the region’s champs and even made it to Nationals in Texas that year before losing. Unfortunately, in the 1980s as well, tennis was discontinued.

Ice hockey at the college has always been an option for students to participate in since about the 1980s. It is considered an intramurals activity and always starts up the first week of the second semester. In fact, last year Century’s hockey team won the “Golden Boot” trophy as champions of local intramurals hockey.

Lakewood Lancers
1979 Ice Hockey

Baseball and softball have been options for a long time at this school as well. In fact, Century’s men’s baseball tea, is consistently one of the best teams in their league, the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Division 3 Region 12. Last year they even advanced to the NJCAA World Series in Tennessee. Softball is offered for women and they have consistently good teams every year as well. Both teams bring a great amount of energy and support every season for each other.

Soccer at the college was introduced for men and women in 2009. They put up good seasons and last year put up one of their best seasons with first year head coach Ryan Hodgson. After the season ended abruptly in the first round of the tournament, the college regrettably announced in early February that soccer would be discontinued at the college. The women’s soccer season was cancelled this past fall, due to just not enough players wanting to participate. Hopefully in the future, soccer is made available at the school again for both boys and girls, but right now all we can do is hope.

Despite a lot of these sports being cancelled or discontinued, this college has seen a lot of memorable sports moments over its first 50 years, and hopefully we will see more in the next 50.


Lakewood Lancers
1978 Football Team
Lakewood Lancers
1980 Women’s Tennis