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Club Spotlight: International Student Club
Karrar Kareem, student contributing writer • December 8, 2022

The International Student Club is one of the greatest clubs that Century College has to offer! This club started to accept members in 2015 and has a long history of supporting...

Loan Forgiveness? What’s All the Buzz?
Loan Forgiveness? What’s All the Buzz?
Jonathan E Nelson, staff manager • December 6, 2022

  Recently, the Biden-Harris Administration Student Debt Relief Plan has been postponed. For those who have not heard of the relief plan, The Student Debt Relief Plan was...

Safari wildlife collage featuring a spotted dog, cheetah, lioness, zebra, elephant, lion, and a crocodile.
Wildlife in Zimbabwe
March 15, 2022
No Signal Starts the Conversation
"No Signal" Starts the Conversation
Monika Rogge, Writer • November 16, 2022

Currently the Century College Art Gallery is proud to host cross-disciplinary Minneapolis based artist and educator Meagan Marsh-Pine's...