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Caring for others through gestures
Caring for others through gestures
Yen Cheng, student contributing writer • November 18, 2022

Editor’s note: Condensed from the original article Gestures are defined as hand motions that emphasize a speaker’s point of presentation to an audience communicating their...

Tutoring session
Peer Tutoring: From Confusion to Confidence
Jonathan E Nelson, The Century Times Writer • November 1, 2022

You might know how academic stress looks but let us paint a picture. You are trying your hardest in a class, but you are not seeing any of your efforts bring results. You...

Safari wildlife collage featuring a spotted dog, cheetah, lioness, zebra, elephant, lion, and a crocodile.
Wildlife in Zimbabwe
March 15, 2022
No Signal Starts the Conversation
"No Signal" Starts the Conversation
Monika Rogge, Writer • November 16, 2022

Currently the Century College Art Gallery is proud to host cross-disciplinary Minneapolis based artist and educator Meagan Marsh-Pine's...