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Faces of Century

Jacob Bernier, Rose Vanyo | Senior Staff Writers
In keeping with the theme of our first issue this spring semester, we decided to ask Century students what bravery means to them. Here are some of the Faces of Century bringing perspective to the...


85 minutes

Andrew Zimmerman | Staff Writer
Lucino Sosa Montano | Graphic Artist
Robert Jones was running late for work. He knew his boss was going to be pissed. His shift started at 8 am, and it was already 9:06 in the morning. He...

Meet the new members of the Student Senate. Left to right: Lap Tran, Nalima Mwassa, Esther Lahoud, Ryan Herr, Katherine Price.
Credit: Graham Wessberg

Meet Century’s New Student Senate Executives

Elizabeth Johnson | Staff Writer
Student Senate elections for 2016-2017 executives were held on March 9, 2016. Newly-elected members include:

Nalima Mwassa, President
Tavion Tran, Vice President
Esther Lahoud, Director of Legislation
Paloma Cardoza, Director of Events
Lucino Sosa, Director of IT
Ryan Herr, Treasurer
Katherine Price, Director of Public...