The Century Times

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Tom Folske | Creative Writing Student
Do your homework they all say. Chapter 2 through 5 no delay. Pencils up. Heads down. Name the mayor, of the town. Homework. Memorizing tons of lists, getting cramps in your fists. Study for that stupid test....

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In Your Eyes

Michaela Sheldrick | Creative Writing Student
She had these big brown eyes that I could lose myself in.
They were subtle, demanding little of my attention, yet often gained the majority of it.
They didn’t pierce me with that loveless curiosity I’d found in blue...

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How I Write An Essay

Sophia Yunk | Layout Director
Let me just start by saying something witty. Yes, professor, see how smart and witty I am? You might as well stop reading, give me the A I deserve, and you can worry about the other less talented...