The Niche Gallery

Sarah Knieff | Staff Writer

Credit: Ramon Varela

Interested in the Fine Arts? Ever wondered if there were more people on campus with the same passion as you? Well look no further. Here on campus at Century College is an art showing space called The Niche Gallery. The Niche Gallery is located on the West Campus and is open daily. The gallery is between the theatre and main entrance.

The Niche Gallery is an exciting space for artists to connect with other artists, while showing off their work in this all glass room. Artists are free to express themselves however they would like here. The artwork is shown on many mediums such as painting, drawing, sculptures, and print.

The gallery showcases many works from currently enrolled students who are gaining a degree in Fine Arts, as well as community artists. The Niche Gallery holds monthly art exhibits highlighting either of the two artist types. Dates and times can be found on the Niche Gallery calendar within Century’s website.

During the month of March, The Niche Gallery held two art exhibits. One showcasing student’s work and one with a local visiting artist. The student exhibition was titled COLOR! I corresponded with Neil Johnston, the AFA Fine Art degree coordinator and Fine and Performing Arts Chairmen here at Century, to learn more about COLOR!

Johnston said that COLOR!, “[highlighted] colorful assignments created by students working to understand the concept of color in art and design. Analysis, thoughtful application, and control of color in various mediums, is a skill that all AFA Fine Arts students work to understand – and apply thoughtfully to their work. COLOR! represents work from 2D Design, Painting 1, and Drawing 2 classes.”

This exhibit started out the month while the visiting artist Carrie Elizabeth Thompson ended it. Thompson is mostly known for her photography projects such as Notes from My Therapist that was showcased in the Niche Gallery. However, Thompson did stretch her writing and editorial muscles for the New Moon Project.

Quoting Thompson from, she explains more about her work stating, “My work explores roots, rootlessness, and restlessness, generally in the context of my own upbringing as the child of a broken family.” This shows young artists pursuing their passion of art that inspiration can come from anywhere, including dark and heavy topics.

The Niche Gallery is a great place for any aspiring artist to try to connect with others while getting their work more attention and face time with a real audience. It could be a place for those who are thinking of an art major to experience more and see what it is like. It is even a place for those with a love of art, but could never actual produce any of their own. It’s anything to anybody!

If you are interested in stopping by, check out the Fine Arts schedule and calendar for updates on when the next exhibit is in the art gallery. On behalf of the Niche Gallery, we all hope to see some new faces joining in on Century’s very own artistic hub.