Another Key to Fitness: Nutrition

Matthew Schank, Staff Writer

Although it’s important to maintain a consistent gym routine, it’s just as important for students to fuel themselves with adequate nutrition in order to reach their fitness goals. Students who need to gain weight need to be in a caloric surplus by eating more calories than they burn, and Students who seek to lose weight need to be in a caloric deficit by eating less calories than they burn. There are calorie counters online where students can find out how many calories they need to fit their desired fitness goals.
It’s much easier said than done to eat sustainable and adequate food when many college students are on a distinct budget, so here are some affordable nutrient dense foods and snacks that can be found at your local Hy-Vee, Target, or Walmart:

Recommended grocery list: rice, sweet potatoes, rice cakes, mashed potatoes, salad, vegetables, fruit, protein powder, grilled chicken, salmon, grilled steak, 93% lean ground beef, beef jerky, turkey breast, eggs

These foods are not only nutritious, but they are affordable too. Many of these foods can be mixed and matched to create sustainable meals for well under $50 per week. Therefore, these meals can fit the needs of all college students who are looking to buy nourishing food for a great price.
As a person who loves to lift weights, I have found that mixing both grilled chicken and rice is a great combination for a powerbuilding meal. Rice cakes, protein powder, and fruits hold me over throughout the day, and steak and mashed potatoes have made an excellent dinner. Many of these food choices can be mixed and matched; however, I strongly recommend that you include substantial sources of protein and carbohydrates in your meal (ex: steak and fruit, chicken and rice, ground beef and sweet potato fries).

Eating is a part of the day that we all enjoy, so it’s important that we pick foods that are not only nutritious, but appetizing too. I hope many of you find food that allows your body to run; but even better, I hope you enjoy it!