Food Trucks Are a Tasty Way to Support Local Entrepreneurs

Food Trucks Are a Tasty Way to Support Local Entrepreneurs

Century College has introduced an exciting addition to its food service options for the Fall 2023 semester by incorporating food trucks into its cafeteria services. Until it became too cold for them to operate in November, several food trucks were typically available from Monday through Thursday, providing an array of options for both students and faculty across the East and West Campuses to enjoy. Operating between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., food trucks brought a range of food services to the campus community. Some of the featured food truck services at Century College include the Chef Lucas Pizza Food Truck, Eggroll Queen Food Truck, Waffle Bar MN Food Truck, and Mi Sazon Food Truck.

Kaylin Baker

I had the wonderful opportunity to sample the dishes from two of the food trucks available to Century College’s students and faculty. What truly stood out was the warm and welcoming demeanor of both the food truck owners and their staff. 

My first stop was at the Waffle Bar MN food truck, where I ordered a Brown Sugar Boba Tea. The drink was not only visually appealing but also tasted delightful. It was almost too beautiful to consume. I’m already looking forward to my next visit. The owner of the Waffle Bar MN Food Truck demonstrated a commitment to providing exceptional customer service, making the experience all the more enjoyable. 

Next, I ventured to the Mi Sazon Food Truck, where I indulged in several dishes. Each dish was amazing both in terms of presentation but also in terms of taste. The passion and dedication of Mi Sazon’s employees were made apparent in every bite. During my conversation with one of their team members, I learned about their aspirations to collaborate with Century College on an on-campus venture. It’s clear that Century College is fostering an environment where small businesses and the community can mutually support each other. 

Recognizing and supporting small businesses in our community is extremely important, and Century College has thoughtfully provided a convenient way to achieve both goals. It’s exciting to see a dynamic relationship between Century College and local entrepreneurs.

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