Mask Trends: What Your Mask Wearing Says About You


The Disposable Mask with a Mouth Hole: The one that just doesn’t get it. And probably is a heavy mouth-breather as well. You know what’s worse than having to wear a mask? Catching a deadly disease that is currently ravaging the planet.

The Standard Mask: The one that does the bare minimum. Congratulations, you get treated like a hero for caring about other people. Good for you.

The Face Shield: The one that also does the bare minimum but has a winning smile. Side note- why does everyone else look normal in face shields, yet when I put one on, I look like a deranged beekeeper? Just asking.

The Mesh Mask: The one that thinks that aesthetics is more important than public safety. And probably thinks all scientists are witches. If I get you a Gucci mask will you wear it, please?

The ‘Trump’ Mask: The visual representation of the word ‘irony’. It’s a joke people, please put your confederate flags down.

The Under the Nose Style: The visual representation of half-assing something. Are you a nose model? Do you have the most perfectly sculpted nose that everyone in the world must see? Then continue on you beautiful creature.

The No Mask: What world are you living in, Narnia? 2012? Wake up and smell the crippling fear for the future.

The ‘Forgot a Mask’: The type of person that would accidentally leave their kid at the mall. Susan, where’s your mask? You left it at home? How about your kid’s? You forgot to pick them up from school, again? Good God woman get your life together!