Career Week at Century College

Choosing your major can be confusing. The options can seem overwhelming. Career counseling can help you to narrow your options and choose the major and career that is right for you. Starting the week of March 20th, Century College will be hosting a Career Week! The career counselors here at Century will be holding various events both over Zoom and in person.

There are many opportunities over Career Week to help you plan and consider your career. There will be presentations throughout the week focusing on topics such as: resume writing skills, the benefits of student employment, work/life balance, and personal values. There will even be a chance to listen to the career stories of Century alumni!

Are you curious what your personality type is? On Thursday, March 23rd, participate in a personality type Career Week Session and take the 16 personalities test to determine what type you are. Knowing your personality type can help you to make better informed decisions on your career pathway.

Take advantage of the events offered on Career Week to help you build a solid career plan and move forward in your education with more confidence. The career counselors at Century College are here to help you succeed. In addition to joining in the events during Career Week, schedule a meeting with your career counselor over Starfish. Career counseling will help you make the best choices as you navigate the career world.