Always add a headline first


    Sample Student

    Write a caption.

    Why do we do prom? We have a prom for the same reason we don’t sit on the floor and live like cavemen. We are advanced. We have technology. We want to, and we can, so we do. It’s like the capitol in The Hunger Games, they had lavish parties because it’s fun and they wanted to and they could so they did.  We want to have the feeling of living a luxurious celebrity life as teens. That’s why we rent limos — to feel fancy.

    American excessive lifestyle allows us to hold lavish, or semi-lavish parties for our reckless teens, so we do it.  If one thinks prom is unnecessary, they should ask themselves what IS really necessary? Nothing but the most basic, bare minimum — simple food, clothing and shelter. But we as a society have technologically and socially advanced and risen above the bare necessities.

    Prom is part of American culture, tracing back to the early 1900s. Prom is the seniors’ last hoorah. Society rewards teens for finishing school, graduating, and moving on to college or a job. Prom is the big dance we get with the friends we went to school with, most of us for our whole lives. It creates memories, school spirit, nostalgia, and usually regret for those who don’t go.

    Prom encompasses and ties together everything that high school stands for. It is a celebration and remembrance of all the good times and bad times. The wins, the losses, the football games the friends, the crushes, teachers, classes and dress up days. Tradition is a great part of American culture, and prom is the great tradition of the American school system.

    Prom in all the cheesy movies. Girls (and guys) like the idea of getting dressed up and having a formal evening. The girls want a pretty dress just like they’ve dreamed of throughout all of fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, 10th, 11th, and finally 12th grade. It has to be perfect. We can ask our crushes and have the “High School Musical”-esque prom night of our elementary and middle school dreams. Prom brings everyone together for one final night.